Pythor screamed as the ground around him started to crumble. He did it. He had awakened the Great Devourer, a beast that could consume anything. Set back by fear, Pythor started to tremble.

"IT'S SO BIG!," he yelled in fear.

" You shall stay to see what you have done."

Sensei Wu's mysterious voice echoed through the crumbling city. Pythor looked in shocked. Corned by a hero AND a monster? He'd seen better days.

Suddenly, Sensei Wu leaped onto Pythor.

"AAH! LET GO OF ME, YOU FOOL!," yelled the fear-filled serpent. "DON'T YOU SEE? IT'S UNDERNEATH US!"

Wu suddenly grabbed Pythor's long tail, and started pulling him back to the crumbling floor.

"This is our destiny." he said.

Pythor gasped in horror as he heard those four words. He didn't want to die. Not today.

Suddenly, the four Ninja's appeared. "What's going on?," asked Kai, the Ninja Of Fire. "Who's that creature underground?"

"You must do everything in your power to stop The Great Devourer. Go, Ninja, go!," yelled Wu, still holding onto Pythor.

"No, Sensei.," said Kai.

Suddenly, the great slithering beast broke free from his prison and started climbing up into the thunder-filled sky. Everyone could hear it's sonic roar.

Suddenly, it lashed it's head at Wu and Pythor, pure fury in it's red eyes.



"Mommy, why does everyone hate me?"

Pythor opened his eyes. He was in a jungle of some sorts, with two purple, long-necked snakes right across from him. He realized the youngest one was... HIM?

The other one was tall and female. Her face shone brightly, thanks to her smile. Her kind, tender love towards her son was one reason why he one parent. Her name was Pricley.

"Son, I do not know why they all hate you. But no matter what they say, I'll always love you.," replied Pricley. The young Pythor looked at his mom with a smile on his face, and hugged her.

Pythor remembered that moment. Every other Anacondrai chil teased him for his long neck. He only had two friends at that time: Peter, another Anacondrai, and Skales, the Hypnobrai prince.

"Son, I must see your uncle. Skales and Peter are coming to see you.," said Pricley. She soon slithered away, leaving her son playing with twigs and leaves.

Suddenly, the Anacondrai Child, Peter, poked his head out of the jungle tree's. Soon, Skales, timid and shy, slowly walked out of the jungle, too.

"Hey, guys! Anything new going on?," asked Past-Pythor. Skales nodded, while Peter launched into speech.

"YES! My father said that your mom and him are getting married! We, my friend, are gonna be half-brothers!," he said. Pythor was in shock.

" father said I'll never be like him. He said that if I don't grow up soon, he'll beat me up.," said the timid Skales. Pythor and Peter looked over at Skales, with looks of horror on their faces.

"Kids, time to come in the cave!," yelled Pricley. The 3 kids slithered/walked inside The Anacondrai Cave.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and Pythor's dream was gone. He was now in a room with no light, and the floor was made of dirt.

The, he say it. A mauled, purple arm under the ground. It spoke in a raspy voice. One Pythor recognized.


"Don't hurt me!," said Pythor. Suddenly, the hand grabbed his tounge and pulled him underground with him.

"Peter... why are you doing this? I thought... I thought we were friends!"


The white flash of light appeared again, and Pythor slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't dead.

There, staring right at him, were the 5 Ninjas, Nya, and Sensei Wu.

Chapter 1: Crying And ExplanationsEdit

"He's waking up, Sensei.," said Nya, who was pouring tea into a little china-cup.

"Yes, Nya. Thank you for your speech.," said Sensei Wu, who was drinking out of a cup of tea like everyone else.

Pythor looked around. He wasn't in The Lost City anymore. He was in the Ninja's fortress, aka Destiny's Bounty.

More coming soon!

( lie )

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