The Purple Ninja is a legendary Ninja who uses a dark katana, a katana which is infinitely thin and infinitely sharp, thanks to the fact that the blade is a contained wormhole, which can teleport the Purple Ninja anywhere.

His dragon is the Dragon of Gravity, who he has nicknamed "Nova". His spinner is purple with a black bottom and crown, with golden kunai and purple and black shields. His ZX character card shows 500 Spinjitzu power in every element for a total of 2000 Spinjitzu power. Among his special cards are "Wormhole" (move your opponent's figure to any place on their spinner and spin again; Multi-elemental, 500 power), "Blackhole" (Instant win; Multi-elemental and crown, 500 power) and "Tornado of Creation" (build anything you want onto your spinner; Multi-elemental, golden and crown, 500 power). In his NRG form, he turns into a living black hole, swallowing anything in his path. In NRG form, his character card shows 1000 power in all elements, adding up to 4000 total power. His NRG cards are Dragon Summons (shoot your opponent's spinner with your dragon, multi-elemental, 800 power), "Annihalate" (strike your opponents spinner with a meteor spinner and use till you lose a weapon, Multi-elemental and crown, 900 power) and "Spinjitzu Master" (Instant win, multi-elemental, crown and golden weapon, 1000 power). He utilizes a mech, similar to Samurai X / Nya's, with a launcher which launches wormhole sawblades. The two (non-spinner/ special) sets he would be in would be the "Gravity Dragon Ambush" set and the "Ninja-Mech" set. He also would appear in a special card shrine, including a purple mini-dojo and a weapon storage, plus a holographic version of his NRG card, which shows him performing a spinjitzu hypercane over a barren, purple-tinged desert, while purple lightningbolts erupt from the sky. Among the weapons included in this set are his dark katana, a blade on a chain, a pair of black nunchucks and a purple mace with black spikes.


  • According to a youtube video, a friend/bully (the bully role is canon) of Lloyd, named Finn.
  • Zane
  • Nya
  • Jay
  • Kai
  • Themself
  • Garmadon, with the following backstory:

The Purple Ninja appeared after the Great Devourer battle. Garmadon used the four Golden Weapons and gave up his life to save Ninjago, but he wasn't gone for long. His spirit possessed a four-armed Skulkin's body while it roamed in the underworld. When the pirates came to Ninjago to steal the Golden Weapons to sell for loot, Garmadon agreed to join them on their raid. The ninja, as well as Lloyd, shattered his evil intentions and converted him to a good guy. Back at Destiny's Bounty, Lord Garmadon was made a ninja by Sensei Wu, and received his ninja suit.

The Purple Ninja is the strongest ninja, even stronger than the Green Ninja. Other than his dark katana, he has a favorite weapon called the Dark Staff, which is in fact a Golden Weapon. The pirates were on a quest to retreive it from the ninja, but the Purple Ninja was able to fight back the pirates with the staff and send them to the underworld for eternity.