The Nasty Nine is an evil group who consists of the Villains who hate The Ninja other than the Serpentine and Doom Clan. They Freed Ares and are the true main evil Group of Season 1.


This Concludes some of the Members of the Group that hate the Ninja who were recruted by Zavok to get revenge. Zavok and the others betrayed the Doom Clan and planned to Take revenge on the Ninja for Garmadon conquring the Zeti race.

Zavok then recruted Frost Freak, Toxzon and Cyphron and created the Nasty Nine and attacked the Ninja Beach home and took it but they were kicked out.

They went to Kinkow and freed Ares who became the replacement for Frost Freak who faked to be a Ninja Fanatic. they later fought the Ninja in a epic war in Palmoplis and and Ares was about to kill Kai until Garmadon stopped them with the Doom Clan and found Clarisse La Rue as Ares then they retreated.


  • The Deadly Six
    • Zavok (Ringleader)
    • Zazz
    • Zomon
    • Zik
    • Zor
    • Zoko
  • Toxzon
  • Cyphron
  • Frost Freak

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