Darkness eye by phoenixraiser-d3k9rm3

A manipulated Eye

The Manipulated ones are humans brainwashed by The Overlord during his grudge for the evil power he wants.

Known Manipulated PeopleEdit


Name Info Status
Hyperion Titan of Light, Manipulated to be a coronal of the Predacons Tatarus
Kronos Youngest of the Titans, Manipulated to be a General of the Predacons, killed his Dad Uranus. in Solar System X
Hydraking Former General of Appep's Navy, Manipulated to be the Earth General in Solar System X
Predatron He is a son of Predaking, serves as Fire General, Manipulated to serve wisely, God of India in Solar System X
Altas  Eldest of the Titans, Earth Coronal Manipulated to serve as a muscular wiseman. Tatarus
Krios Manipulated Sky titan and Coronal of Fire, he was manipulated to rule south america Tatarus
Oceanus The Sea titan who was manipulated to serve as Naval commander. Pacific Ocean
Ares Manipulated to serve as the head of the German Huns during World War II. Kinkow
Hades The Manipulated Underlord and Master of the Dead. He is Kronos's Eldest Son. Undewrworld (Formerly)
Predaking The Manipulated King of Beasts. he is the King of all Predacons. Solar System X
Koios The Manipulated father of Leto. and the General of Ice. in Olympus helping Zeus and Leto raise their kids (Formerly)

Manipulated MortalsEdit

Name Info Time
Dal, Cawl, Val, Curo, Vuro The Sons of the Ancients Manipulated by The Overlord. 3000 b.c - 1000 b.c
Pharoah Krust A tyrantical Pharoah Manipulated by the Overlord. 1000 b.c - 400 b.c
Amenotep Crawford A powerful Pharasse of evil who was Manipulated to serve Overlord. he lives forever.  400 b.c - Present
Bargos The Emperor of the Philistines who was manipulated to invade lands in the Middle East and Free the Overlord 400 b.c - 1 a.d
Mr. Industrial a Business man who tries to create the Overlord's weapon to destroy economics. 1898 - 1914
Lord Garmadon The Evil Arch Nemesis of the Ninja who was manipulated by the Great Devouer and created the Doom Clan. 2001 - Present
Cherell The Current Henchman of the Overlord who is from Solar System X. Present
The Robot Masters They were Manipulated by the Overlord in the Crossover ???

Real Life ManipulatedEdit

These are real life people mentioned in the comic who were manipulated

Name info time
The Axis Powers (Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Toko) These Dictators were Manipulated to serve and cause WWII 1933-1945
Osama Bin Ladin A Terrorist who was responisble for helping Garmadon cause his attack 2001-2011
Joseph Stalin The Warlord of Russia and the Industrius man of Steal manipulated by the Overlord to free him. 1933-1942
Jeremy Crsipo a Manipulated Autistic Youtube punk Present

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