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PurpleBrick was wandering around one day trying to think of a good Ninjago story idea (as if she needed any more XD). Suddenly the idea of writing from the perspective of a "bad guy" came into her mind. A little later, this still on her mind, she heard "Healing Begins" by Tenth Avenue North (look it up! It's awesome!) and when it came to the line "The light meets the dark" something clicked and a story was born.


The dojo was alive with movement and sound. Posts spun, bags swung and dummies fell over as a blur of black and another of yellow raced around the training area. Like a well-trained orchestra playing its favorite symphony they flowed through, without a single mistake or collision.

But all became quiet as the door opened and the Old Master walked in. The equipment stilled and the blurs came to him and took the form of two girl ninjas, one of Light and the other of Shadow, removing their hoods and bowing.

"You girls have been wonderful pupils." The Old Master began in his slow and majestic way of speaking. "I am very proud of you both."

"We are honored to be under your training, Master." The ninja in yellow replied. Her bright smile flashed and her blond braid swung as she made another quick bow.

"I am glad, Allie . But now you have learned all I can teach you."

The other ninja, Keara , protested. "Why, Master, certainly there is more to know about being a ninja."

"Of course, there is," he replied, "but much that is learned cannot be taught by even the wisest sensei. And you will both find that out soon enough."

"What will we do now, then?" Allie asked, eyes showing worry.

The Old Master smiled. "You weren't thinking I'd throw you out, were you? By all means, stay until you are ready. You should never take the next step in your life unprepared."

"Oh, thank you, Master!" she exclaimed. Allie hugged him and trotted out of the training area. Keara, much less emotional than her partner, simply smiled a little before slowly following.

The Old Master watched them go. They are so much like their elements, he thought. Allie - Light; pure, hopeful, beautiful... his smile faded slightly. Keara - Shadow; good at times, has its place, but uncertain, hard to see through. Ah, Keara, he reflected, I'm just not sure about you...


"We'll stay together, won't we?" Allie said to Keara as she entered their room. 

"Yeah, of course we will." she replied, sitting on her bed.

"Great! I'm so glad. You're my best friend, and I was afraid you'd want to go on your own,... Or worse, find someone else to team up with."

"You're all I have, why would I ever leave you?"

"Sometimes you never know..." Allie responded.

Chapter 1 - Keara's ChoiceEdit


Keara looked up from her book into the woods. Her black ponytail swung as she scanned the trees for the one who had whispered. Oh well, guess it's my imagination, she thought.

"Keara." it called again, quiet but clear.

Seeing that this was not her imagination, she got up and walked towards where she thought the voice came from. So much for being alone, she thought.

Her hearing was correct. A few moments' walking brought her straight to the owner of the voice. The speaker was tall, cloaked but not hooded, and had rather long, black hair which attempted to cover a mark over his right eye. Keara knew that mark well.

"So, Deorc, you have returned." she said coldly.

"Yes I have. What's the matter, am I too early? You can't complain, nobody ever sends me a schedule. And by the way, it's-"

"Supposed to be Lord Deorc , I know. But don't expect to hear me calling you that."

The evil lord laughed. "Actually, young one, I might be soon."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Well now, certainly you want to be who you are capable of being, do you not?"

"Yes, of course. But doesn't being a ninja cover that?"

"You only think it does, young one. For many it is, at least at your age. But I can see the power in you. You are more than just a master of Shadow. You are a powerful elemental master, a great fighter, and..." He leaned towards Keara's face. "A natural leader."

"What's the meaning of all this, Deorc?" The girl stepped back.  

"The meaning of it is that you belong in a place of power, of greatness. A ninja's life is too low for someone like you."

At this Keara took a sudden interest. "Are you saying you can give me better?"

"Yes, Keara, much better. Come, join me, and I will make you who you deserve to be."

"I don't know... What about Allie?"

"Bah! that goody-goody little girl? Don't worry about your worthless friend. This is about you!"

"Well... Alright... When do you want me to come?"

"As soon as you can."

"I can be here by sundown." It was already getting late.

"Good. A pleasure doing business with you, Keara. Farewell." And with a puff of smoke, Deorc vanished.


Keara had returned to the dojo, silently slipping her belongings into her bag. Among the various clothes and keepsakes she picked up a bracelet. She couldn't help but smile just a little. Allie's father made jewelry for a living, and had crafted matching bands for the two. Friendship bracelets, they called them. Keara then sighed, thinking, If that's indeed what they are, then I guess I'd better not keep it. She dropped the band, watching it fall to the bed, its beads clattering softly as it struck the soft surface.

Keara thought she heard footsteps. She jumped, but they stopped. Ok, she reassured herself, just another minute to slip out the door, and it'll be over-

"Keara?" The door opened and Allie came in. "Are you in here- Oh! You are!-" she saw the bag and her friend's startled and guilty look. "What are you doing?"

Keara tried to hide the bag. "Nothing..."

"Why are you packing that small bag, and now? We've got better ones, and we weren't going to pack until tomorrow-"

"I won't be needing one. And you'll just have to pack by yourself tomorrow. "

"Well, I suppose we could leave a little early, but... Why are you like this? Are you alright? "

"I'm just fine Allie, but I'll be even better once I leave. So if you'll excuse me-"

"You're leaving?" Allie cried. "But you said-"

"I know what I said! But things have changed. I've got something better coming. And I'm sorry, but it doesn't involve you. "

"Bu-, but,- you're working with Deorc now, aren't you?" Allie's tone changed to a more bitter one.

"I won't ask how you guessed, but if you'll excuse me, someone is expecting me at sundown." Keara headed for the door.

"Alright then, I won't stop you." Allie replied calmly. Keara turned. Where was the fight, the pleading to not leave? There was no coldness in the Light ninja's voice, nor on her face. As Keara walked away, the last thing she saw of Allie was her with wide eyes and quivering lips, a look of shock mingled with deep sorrow.

Keara never forgot that look.

Chapter 2 - Allie's ReactionEdit

Allie silently watched her best friend desert her for the evil path. As soon as Keara was gone, she turned around to view the bedroom. On Keara's bed lay her friend's friendship bracelet. Allie strode over to the bed and picked it up. I guess this means you're serious, Keara. How symbolic of you. She released the chain, watching it fall. The beads clicked together as they once again struck the bed, making the song of a lost friendship. Allie then laid upon the bed and began to cry.

Some time later the Old Master walked in and found Allie there, still crying. He nearly dropped his staff as he hurried to her. "What is wrong, Allie?" He asked gently.

"It-it's- Keara," The girl sobbed, "She-she said she'd stay with me."

"Keara is leaving?"

"She already left," The girl sat up and looked at her sensei. "But not just that, though that alone is painful enough. She's working for- for- Deorc!"

"What? But why?"

"I don't know, Master, I just don't know. I wish I did."

The Old Master sat on the bed and embraced his sobbing pupil. He too, shed a few tears for their lost friend. He was very sad, but he had suspected something like this would happen. Just not this soon. And now there was Allie to look after. "Allie..." He finally said.

She sniffed. "Yes Master?"

"Do you want to stay here for a while? Maybe find another ninja to work with?"

"I would love to do that, and I thank you for your offer, but though Keara has turned from me, I will not abandon her. There is still hope that she will return to us, and I won't have anything standing in the way of that."

"I understand, Allie, but you can't deny everything and everyone for that. Please, do try to find someone, do it for me. It would break my heart to see you like this always."

The ninja of Light looked her sensei in the eye. "You really want me to?"

"Yes, I do."

"Alright, then, I will. For you."

Despite the painful circumstances the Old Master couldn't help but smile a little. But his face became sad again as he hugged Allie. He got up and left the room, heading into his own.

He leaned upon his staff and sighed deeply. "Oh, Keara, how could you do this? You were like a daughter, one of my own! Now your darkness shows." The Old Master sighed again. "Allie, so bright, so happy, so innocent! You least of all deserve to go through this. Ah, may I not see such dark times, with those who are so close! It is more than I can bear."

Chapter 3 - Into the DarknessEdit

Keara walked to the gate of the fence surrounding the small dojo. She opened it, stepped out, and closed it behind her. And so I also close a chapter of my life, the master of Shadow reflected. The young ninja began to run to where she would meet her new master. She hoped he had time for a little talk.

When Keara arrived, no one was there- or so she thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere he appeared. Keara was startled at first, but then remembered that Allie was capable of the same. Allie...

"Welcome, young one." Lord Deorc said. "Come with me now, and I shall show you your new home."

Keara followed without hesitation. But on the way, she spoke. "Deorc?"

"Yes, Keara?"

"Before I do anything for you, will you promise me something?"

"That would depend upon what it is, young one."

"Please don't make me do anything to Allie while I am in your service, will you? I promise to do anything else you ask, but don't make me hurt my old friend."

They walked on silently for a minute, Deorc deep in thought. He finally spoke. "Alright, as you wish, Keara. But you must do anything, and I mean anything, else I request."

"I will, my lord." Keara bowed. She quickly stood up. That was the first time she had bowed to anyone but her old Master. It seemed a little strange to do so, but, as the ninja told herself, she would have to get used to that.

Soon they came to the entrance of a cave, sealed by a large stone. Deorc used his dark magic to open it. He stood to the side. "Ladies first." Keara stepped inside and he followed. Once they were both inside he colsed the door. "Don't worry, you only have to use magic on the outside. Inside, there's another method." He pointed to a lever. "Plus, there's a back door."

They continued to walk through the cave. "Do you live here alone, Deorc?" Keara asked.

"Certainly not," he replied. "One can't be an evil genius without a horde of henchmen to cover him up!"

"So who are these henchmen?"

"You shall see soon enough, my dear." Deorc pulled a whistle from somewhere in his cloak and blew into it. Instantly hundreds of small, dark, humanlike figures ran into the room. "Form ranks!" Deorc called.

Suddenly chaos broke out. The henchmen scrambled to their positions and tripped over each other and knocked their mates down. In the end everyone was on the floor except for one at the front, looking like nothing had ever happened behind him. He stood there, tall (quite literally, as he was taller than the others) and expressionless, rather like a guard of Buckingham Palace, only they do not have grey skin and red eyes.

"Couldn't you guys have gotten your act together just once?!" Deorc scolded. He turned to Keara. "Well, I suppose now would be good time to introduce you to Raxxon, head of the Darkthings."

Raxxon nodded and bowed slightly. "Always a pleasure to meet an ally of my master's."

"Raxxon, this is my new assistant, Keara. I'm afraid I've already promoted her to second-in-command, so you'll be third from now on."

Raxxon scowled but simply said, "As you wish, my lord." He then proceeded to pick up and somehow throw his fellow Darkthings into their positions and on their feet.

"Wow..." Keara stared.

"My morning exercise, Commander," he said casually.

"Oh! That's right, the Darkthings will call you Commander from now on. Well now, I have dark scrolls to study and plans to make. Oh, and give Keara this, Com- Captain Raxxon, after you show her around." Deorc spoke quickly before handing him a glass bottle and heading through a door behind him.

"Of course. This way, Commander." The Darkthing took her arm and led her down the hall.

Chapter 4 - A New FriendEdit

Coming soon!

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