Sensei: Lloyd, I need to tell you something.

Lloyd: Yea?

Sensei: There's a lake of the-

Kai: Wait, what?

Sensei: Leave, Kai. I'm telling Lloyd a legend.

Kai: (on the loudspeaker) Everyone to the bridge! You too Nya!

Nya: Gee, thanks.

Kai: No problem! You can continue, Sensei...

Sensei: Okay...a very long time ago, The Great Devour created a lake. No one was allowed to go near the lake. Otherwise, a special mist would control you, and the Serpentine would control. I highly suggest that you all stay away from it. It is now controlled by the overlord!

Everyone: (except Nya) Yes Sensei.

Nya: (lying) I'll be back. I'm gonna look for Lord Garmadon maybe he can help... (leaves the room)

Jay: Nya, wait!!

(Nya arrives at the lake.)

Nya: Hmmmm(Nothing happens to Nya.)

The Overlord:Welcome.. >:)

The Overlord: What?!

(Some villagers walk up with their eyes glowing red, possibly controlled. Suddenly, Nya feels sleepy, then she is controlled.)

The Overlord: Yes!

Nya: Master...

(Back on the Bounty)

Kai: Man, when's Nya coming back?

Cole: I want pizza!

Zane: I sense that Nya is not safe...she's at the lake!

Sensei: Go, go! Put on these masks; they will protect you from the mist.

(The Ninja take the masks and go. When they arrive at the lake, The Overlord appears and walks up to them.

The Overlord: (tries to take off their masks)

Jay: Let Nya go!!!

Lloyd: We thought we got rid of you?!

The Overlord: Nya, attack!!!

The Overlord: You thought wrong!

Nya: Yes, master.

Kai: We need to seal that hole!

Cole: I'm going for it! (His mask breaks.) Cole: Ah!! (is now controlled)

Kai: Here I go! Ninja, GO!!! (His mask breaks, and he gets controlled as well.)

Jay: I'll do it! (Jay ends up like Kai and Cole.)

(Zane and Lloyd go for it, but nothing happens to them.)

The Overlord: What?!

Lloyd: I'm the Green Ninja!

Zane: And I'm a Nindroid!

The Overlord: No!!!!

(They seal the hole, and everyone changes back.)

Everyone: (expect Zane and Lloyd) Huh??

(Back at the bounty)

Sensei: So, you two sealed the hole?

(Zane and Lloyd nod their heads.)

Sensei: Very good. Now, we must rest.

(The Overlord unseals the hole. The Bounty makes a beeping noise.

Sensei: The lake has beed unsealed! The mist is spreading world-wide!

Everyone: Ninja, GO!!!

Sensei: Don't forget to put the masks on!

(The Ninja look down at the city.)

Kai: Oh no, everyone is controlled! We need to get down!!!

Nya: Then jump!!! (jumps off)

Cole: You heard her!

(Everyone else jumps off.)

Zane: It appears that the lake has gotten bigger!!!

Kai: We can't get near that or we'll be controlled!

Nya: Lets find an antidote then!!

Jay: Okay, let's go!

(Suddenly, the ground starts shaking.)

Kai: Is that an Earth Quake?!

Zane: Worse- it's the Stone Army and NINJDROIDS!

Kai: Well, we better hurry up!

Zane: According to my scanners, the mask wont last much longer!!!

Cole: Then we must retreat to the Bounty!

Nya: He's right!

(Back on the Bounty)

Kai: Why can't we fight?!

Sensei: Because you would be controlled.

Kai- I give up!! (jumps off without a mask)

Nya- Kai, No!!!!

Sensei- Get him!!!

Jay: Hurry!!!

Kai: Get the Ninja!!!!

Nya: No!!!

Zane: Run!!!

Lloyd: I'll hold him back! Just get on the bounty!!! Now!!!

(Everyone gets on the bounty.)

Sensei: We must find a way to close the lake and get everyone back to normal!

(at the lake)

Overlord- One by one, everyone will be mine!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

~~~~~~~============= I will continue this sometime soon please =============~~~~~~~

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