Summary Edit

Shana fell from a cherry tree with no memories. She immediately joins the Ninja, and questions her identity as she fights evil and falls for Cole.

Plot Edit

Shana fell out of a cherry tree, with a backpack. She discovered that she had no memories, but was immediately found by Jay, Zane, and Cole. Shana smart-mouthed Cole, and joined the ninja. After a training session, she and cole became friends. After Kai came on the team, they began searching for the golden weapons.

She discovered her element to be love, and memories came back to her the summer after Lord Garmadon disappeared. After meeting Lloyd Garmadon, his friend, Sylvia, surrendered, and Shana took Sylvia on as an apprentice. Soon, she discovers Cole knew who her father was, and suspects that it's Lord Garmadon. After a fight with Cole over this, Sensei Wu tells her that she is his daughter, making Lloyd her cousin.

Shana gets closer to Lloyd, and rescues him, earning her a brother-sisterly relationship with him. She becomes distraught when he is kidnapped by Pythor, and becomes very angry at Kai. She also finally learns the past of many of her best friends, and they discover their potentials.

As they're escaping the Great Devourer, Shana cut bitten by the snake. However, she was able to take the venom, and did come out with the same allegiance. However, her Aunt Misako believed Shana was still evil and avoided her. After the events of Season 3, Shana became vengeful and ran off, but helped a village with the returning Anacondrai. Zane came back to life, Shana lost her memories again, and made up with Cole. She is now a Golden Master of Spinjitzu like Lloyd.

New ninja join the team, including Skylor, Ninja of Time, Sadie, Ninja of Rain, Zeke, Ninja of Wind, and Lucia, Ninja of Beauty.

And that's where we left off, folks...

Characters Edit

- Shana G. Wu

- Cole Hence

- Kai Smith

- Zane Julien

- Jay Walker

- Nya Smith

- Lloyd Garmadon

-Sylvia (Artemis)

- Sensei Wu

- Sensei/Lord Garmadon

- Misako Garmadon

- Drakus (Artemis)

- Lucia Giaman (MusicNinjaz)

- Zeke Madison (MusicNinjaz)

- Sadie Brookstone (MusicNinjaz)

- Skylor Gage

- Ms. Brookstone (MusicNinjaz)

- P.I.X.A.L.

- Master Chen

- Klaus

- Dr. Julien

Where Can I Read This? Edit

Currently, the full canon line is posted on, sorted by seasons. However, bonus content, including the adventures of Bella Hence and an alternative to Season 3 of the Masters of Spinjitzu are on, under the writing forum. Graceless is currently working on getting a Fanfiction net account.

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