The LEGO Real World is one of the Sixteen Realms parallel to Ninjago created by Robus Built. It is split into different sectors which are homes to different Lego themes.


The realm was created by Robus Built as one of the largest realms in the realm system. The realm does not have a ruler, unlike the other realms, but each sector has its own king, mayor or Prime Minister or president. Although Robus built the realm's foundations, he left most of it for its inhabitants to create. He left it as a free realm which anyone could change and build on. 

After an awful earthquake was struck on the realm by Thanatos, it was divided into its separate sectors, similar to when Crux was and became the Lego Universe defending against the Maelstrom.



A dark, crime ridden city which is the home of Batman. It is the largest of the sectors.

Marvel CityEdit

Home of all the Marvel superheroes including the Avengers and Spider-Man.​

The Asgardian Planetary SystemEdit

This is a selection of planets which were not affected by the earthquake. It is a group of planets including Asgard and the Dark World.


​Centre of Witchcraft and wizardry.

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