Once upon a time.... lets skip that part. There once was a time when darkness filled the land. The Doom Clan had struck. Yet again. But that wasn't the end. The good people decided to make clan for the good guys called... THE GOOD BLUES CLAN!

Their mission was to protect the people of Ninjago, from any evil rising up. They prevented terrorist attacks from various villages. And most of all, visited Master Skylor's Noodle House.

They currently reside in The Ninjago Monastery Of The Chosen Ones, and secret lab located in the Titanium Ninja statue built by Zane, located in New Ninjago City, in the City Halls.



Lickdor: 1st Battle commander and Creator of the clan therefore, Main leader until Zane took up (although Zane offered him to be second in command)

Zane: 2st Battle commander and Supreme Leader

Kai: 3rd Battle commander and Sleeper Agent. Although he wanted to become Supreme Leader, that didn't work out.

Jay: Field Commander and Royal Advisor to Zane.

Cole: Royal Matchmaker and second Field Commander.

Lloyd: third in command and 4th Battle commander

Nya: Royal Technician and Inventor as well as third Field Commander.

Sensei Wu: fourth in command and Battle Leader

Sensei Garmadon: 5th in command and Battle Leader

Sensei Dareth: Battle Leader and teacher of animal moves and Leader of Stone Army

P.I.X.A.L.: Royal assistant and helper of Zane and General in command

Jonathan: Battle Leader and Defender and 6th in command and Head of Army.

Dr. Julien: Inventor and Technician and Battle Leader

Cyrus Borg: Inventor and Technician and helper of the ninja.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: please don't edit my clan. If you want to ruin it then don't. Anyway, you can but don't mess things up.

Elemental Masters:

Zane Cool Master of Ice

Kai Flame Master of Fire

Cole Rock Master of Earth

Jay Walker Master of Lightning

First Spinjitzu Master (AKA Jonathan) Master of Golden Power

Lloyd Bucker: Master of Golden Power and Master of Power

Sensei Garmadon: Master of Golden Power

Sensei Wu: Master of Golden Power

Karlof: Master of Metal

Paleman: Master of Light

Griffin Turner Master of Speed

Ash: Master of Smoke

Neuro: Master of Mind

Gravis: Master of Gravity

Bolobo: Master of Nature

Dareth: Master of Wind

Morro: Master of Wind (formerly)

Jacob Pevsner Master of Sound

Tox: Master of Poison

Shade: Master of Shadow

Lord Garmadon Master of Shadow (formerly)

Camille: Master of Form

Skylor: Master of Amber

Lar: Master of Water (possibly)

Nya: Master of Water

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