In this fanfiction, when Acidicous starts throwing up, the others find out he has the legendary disease, Sinkimujo. As time goes by, Acidicous get weaker and weaker. Will Pythor and the others cure Acidicous, or will they be at his funeral?

Signed, X.


CHAPTER 1: What the heck is going on?

The Legendary Snake Cave, 8:00 am

Rain poured down outside. Laughing and hissing could be heard inside of the snake-shaped cave.

Inside, Pythor and the others snake tribe members had just started the Meeting of Doom. Most didn't seem interested in the meeting, instead they were reading " HOW TO KILL A NINJA FOR DUMMIES".

Pythor: ... And that'ssss why Lloyd is the Bean... I mean, GREEN Ninja. Any quesssstionssss?

Of course, the dumbest member of the group, Snappa, raises his hand.

Pythor: Ssssnappa?

Snappa: What'ssss thissss about Llyod, ssssir?

All snakes: -_- ...

Sorry, again. I'm really tired. I promise for tommorow!

Signed, X.

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