The End is the grand finale episode and 13th episode of Season 8 (104th episode overall).


The Overlord is stronger and is leading Ninjago to an end. Meanwhile, the ninjas try to save Garmadon.


The Ninjas (except Ban) are at Darkwood Forest. Ban is boarding the Super Bounty. Some Serpentine captured Nya and some Skullkin captured Kai and Zane. Jay and Cole confronted the Stone Army. Kai and Zane are safe, but Nya is still not safe. The ninja are surrounded, but Monica came to rescue with her new KX Suits (2013 suits). The ninjas went to find Nya, but she's safe and she become lost and thinks the ninjas are captured. Kai and Zane found Nya. Meanwhile, Ban found the Overlord's tomb of doomness. The ninjas found Kai and Zane (but still thinks Nya is captured), even though she found Ban and the tomb.

Ban and Nya are surrounded by the Serpentine and the Skulkin, but Ban uses the Egg Confronter to wipe them out. Monica tell Sensei Wu and his team that she found the tomb with Ban and Nya. They head to the tomb, but where's Nya?

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