The Dungeon Of Fire is the place where the Fire Ghosts call home. It has a working flat screen TV, an indoor hot tub, a training room, and a battle room. The Fire Ghosts who stay here are: Chi (Formerly), Soe, Ush, Brad The Bad, And Shae. A statue of the Kai's fire dragon is in the main hall and there are 24 rooms total.

The Front Entrance Room Edit

The entrance room contains four pillars and four doors, including the entrance. Written on the floor and walls of the entrance room has the stories of all the fire ghosts who live within it. A giant stone statue of Flame made from the same material as the stone army is in the center of the room.

The Training Room Edit

Fire Ghosts can train in the martial art known as Firejitzu where you harness a ghostly form of fire and use it to your advantage. Their are shooting ranges, ropes, and many platforms.

The Battle Room Edit

This is a room with a square in it and two circles on opposite sides of it, pillars hold up a balcony where spectators can view a battle, it is made of Waterstone, a material which can negate the effects of fire easily. Once an opponent is caught off guard and knocked down by an attack, the battle ends.

The Lounge Edit

This is the place to hang out with your friends if you want to. There is a hot tub in the corner of the room, a flat screen TV for watching shows, a leather couch, a pool table, a built in restaurant operated by B.O.T.S., and a few artifacts from Ninjago such as kendo armor and the ninjas' first katanas which were all recovered by Soe, the owner of the dungeon.

Soe's Bedroom Edit

Soe's bedroom has a couch, a bed, a bedside table, a lava lamp, and a bathroom. Soe also has a study inside of the room and a small training corner where he can "Be prepared at any time to strike into action!" or just practice his moves.

The Other 19 Rooms Edit

There are 19 more rooms within the temple, such as the library room, the security room, and the room of the realms.

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