The Doom

The Doom Clan symbol

The Doom Clan (later named the Super Secret Police) is an evil terrorist orginazation founded by Lord Garmadon that is bent on world domination.


The Doom Clan was founded in 2001 to take over the world. The Doom Drones were created by an unknown scientist under Lord G's orders. They raided New York, causing many people to die. They also robbed a military facility.

The First Members were Xenna, Chris Bradford, and Samukai, then Xenna and Bradford shifted to Dan Lewis and Lewis Bradley until Bradley's death. Bradford returned, but he was mutated into Dogpound, and the Doom Clan shifted layers from Turbo Shredder to Garmatron.

The Doom Clan attacked Lloyd and Daphanie in a baseball field and attacked the Ninja with the Deadly Six until their betrayal and saved the Ninja from the Nasty Nine. They escaped, but Garmadon and Kozu went to Alcatraz and were free by Yamato and Bad Cop. 

Garmadon then yelled at the Doom Drones about their failure and got help from a mysterious stranger. The Mysterious Stranger gave him the Kriegstaffebots to attack Zane and Pixal, but they failed and the Stranger revealed himself as CEREAL!!!!!

Then the Doom Clan put Cherell and The Overlord in charge of them with Lord Business, Pythor, Bad cop and hired mercinary Major Bludd. 

They attacked the Ninja in their house and arrested them and used the other Ninja energy to free the Overlord. when the Ninja found out they tried to break it and stop the rebooted Golden Master (Overlord) from his awakening, but the Overlord was freed and he raided Palmopolis and almost took it over but the Ninja returned and fought his Doom-Bot Cops and the Ninja raided the Garmatron and fought the Overlord destroying his ecsense from the world. after that the Doom had an unknown fate.



  • Lord Garmadon - 1st Supreme Leader and Founder (Now Second in Command until he reclaimed title of Supreme Leader)
  • Lord Business -  Current Supreme Leader (until Garmadon reclaimed leadership)
  • Slithraa (Dan Lewis) - Warlord 1
  • Dogpound (Chris Bradford) - Warlord 2
  • Samukai - Commander in Chief
  • R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S - Feild Commander
  • Cherell - Head of Army to free the Overlord.
  • Overlord - Supreme Leader until his Death.

Major MembersEdit

  • Skeleton Army
    • Kruncha
    • Nuckal
    • Frakjaw
    • Chopov
    • Bonezai
  • Fishface (Xenna)
  • Yuko Kinoshta (mentioned)
  • Hydeyoshi Kinoshta (mentioned)
  • R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S
  • Sensei Ty - Grandmaster of the Suburb Legion
  • Frank
  • Karl
  • Bradley
  • Bonezai
  • Bad Cop
  • Major Bludd
  • Mutty (Traitor)
  • Poison (Traitor)
  • Spike (Traitor)
  • Big Mama - Grandmaster of the Russia Legion (Unknown)
  • Cowboy Drone - Grandmaster of the Wild West Legion (Unknown)
  • Evil Shadow Ninja - Grandmaster of the Chineese Legion (Unknown)
  • General Kozu - Grandmaster of the Stone Army (formerly)
  • Tara Lu - Grandmaster of the Black Dragon students, formerly Second in command. (Unknown_
  • Yamato Kriosos - Grandmaster of the China legion. (Unknown)
  • Mr. E (Rick Brewer) (Traitor)
  • Max Brewer (only didn't know what was right for him)
  • The Deadly Six (Traitors)
    • Zavok
    • Zazz
    • Zomon
    • Zik
    • Zor
    • Zoko
  • The Super Awesome Ninja Inilator Squad
    • Rosie Garmadon
    • Garmadon's Minion (Nicknamed Roberto)
    • Jason Garmadon
  • Dr. Willy (Only in the Crossovers)


  • Doom Drones (main troopers)
  • Skeleton Soldiers
    • Skeleton Scout
    • Elite Skeleton Scout
    • Skeleton Miner
    • Skeleton Engeniner
    • Skeleton Spy
  • Criminals
    • Prisoners of various Maximum security Prisons
    • Brainwashed Deluinquints 
    • Terrorists
  • Ninjroids
  • Evil Robots
    • Police Bot
    • SWAT team bot
    • Business bot
    • DJ bot (mentioned)
  • Kriegstaffebots
  • Creative Ambush

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