This takes place in Doctor Who and Ninjago.

Kai: There is a blue box appearing!

Sensei: That's my friend, the Doctor.

Jay: Wait, the Doctor? No way!!!

Nya: The Doctor is a friend of my friend, Clara!

Zane: (roboticly) The Doctor is a time lord for the planet galifrey. He is the last of his race.

Cole: Gee, thanks Zane for telling us about the Doctor

Doctor: Here we are! Ninjago!

Clara: Wow! I thought it was just a TV show!

Sensei: Doctor, my old friend. How long has it been?

Doctor: 10 years, Wu.

Lloyd: Cool!

(The Bounty makes a beeping noise.)

Doctor: Everyone into the Tardis!

(Everyone goes inside. The Tardis makes a whorphing noise.)

Sensei: I guess this is our new home.

Doctor: Sure! I have some spare rooms.

Clara: But they are Legos...

Doctor: SHUT UP Clara!!!

Clara: Sorry.....

Cole: Got any pizza?

Doctor: Sadly not but I can find some!

(Everyone chants excitedly.)

Uncle Joes A+ Pizza

Cashier: Lucky day for you guys! IT'S FREE DAY!

Everyone: YAY!!!

(The Tardis worphs again.)



Other Ninja: Aw man!!!

Dalek: Team Up with The Overlord!

The Overlordn: Sure! Now those pesky ninja don't stand a chance!!!

Dalek: Exterminate!!!

Doctor: Woah!

Sensei: I sense a new danger coming.

(Kai celebrates his success.)

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