This is a legend from long ago in a land known as the Rextra in the Rex Dynasty. Only 10 humans lived on that island the rest were dinosaurs. The one named Rapter found a strange rock that gave him incredible powers and the gem teleported a boomerang made out of stone and that gem. He now had the ability of a raptor this made him faster, stronger, agiler, and could see better. He decided not to tell the others because they might want it. But what Rapter didn't know they all had gemstones and harness their power for evil but he took them out before they could do any harm but in the process he was crystalized in the gemstone. But he didn't know they did to. 100 years in the future scientist found them and Rapter released and then realized that the evil corrupt Dino Masters were released to so he would have to stop this in the new found world.

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