The Daedly Six left to right: Zor (bottom Left) Zazz (Middle left) Zik (Upper Left) Zavok (middle) Zom (Right) Zoko (Lower right)

The Deadly Six is a gang of Warrior Aliens who come from the Lost Contenent. Garmadon comes to their world and brainwashes them to destroy the Ninja. they are some of the 56 Ninjas with Spinjitsu.


Their race long ago was destroyed by the First Spinjistu master when they invaded Earth. then their world became the Lost Contenent and they end up there. 

Apperantly there was a Zeti but it could be a clone of Zavok.

They lived a sad peace until Garmadon ruins it and brainwashes them as his henchmen. They later betray him and Zavok and Kai fight a feirce battle and Kai reaches his full potental.

Later The Zeti with 3 others (Toxzon, Cyphron and Frost Freak) create the Nasty Nine and replace Frost Freak with Ares and have a fierce and bloody fight and Ares was about to defeat the Ninja until Garmadon yells that he was the only one to defeat the Ninja. the Nasty Nine (including the Zeti) run to Kinkow Island's darkside and plan what to do next.


Name   Character   Description  
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Zavok is the leader of the Deadly Six and the member behind the destruction of the world and the depletion of the Ninja. He is the Fire Zeti and Kai's Brother's Uncle's Cousin's evil Roomate and the murderer of his dad.
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Zazz is one of the members of the Deadly Six in plans for the destruction of the world. He is the more short-tempered and hot-headed member of the six. He is the Electric Zeti and Jay's rival and 1st worst nightmare.
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Zoko is a member of the Deadly Six  who is also in the plan for the destruction of the world. he is the ice Zeti
Master Zik
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Master Zik is one of the members of the Deadly Six and the oldest member of the six. He is the Air Zeti
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Zomom is a member of the Deadly Six and the largest member of the six. he loves food. He is the Earth Zeti.
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Zor is a member of the Deadly Six. He is mostly very depressed and hates upbeat or cheerful people. He carries a blue rose with him at all times. he resmbles a Female Zeti. He is the Darkness Zeti.

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