The Day of the Great Devourer (Star lord part 3)
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November 5 2014

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That's All Folk

Porky pig and head clown nurse


The Rise of the Great Devourer (Star lord part 2)


Karen you're alive

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Disaster threatens as the Ninja must fight to defeat the all consuming Great Devourer in a desperate attempt to save Ninjago.


As the Great Devourer breaks free from its prison beneath The Lost City of Ouroboros, Sensei Wu tells the Ninja that they "must do everything in their power to stop the Great Devourer." The lover teammates crew leaves in their Samurai mech, and a moment later the Great Devourer swallows Pythor and Sensei Wu in a single gulp.

The Ninja are devastated over the loss, but are forced to retreat as the giant snake spots them. They all flee to the Destiny's Bounty and take off, the Great Devourer close behind them. As they head for Crashcourse Canyon, the Devourer begins to gain on them; in response to Zane's prediction that they won't make it in time, Nya tells everyone to throw all of their belongings overboard to increase speed. However, the Great Devourer begins eating the items that were thrown, and Cole realizes that their efforts are only making their foe even bigger.

Nonetheless, the lost ballast allows the Destiny's Bounty to reach Crashcourse Canyon, weaving away from the Great Devourer. Just as the Ninja think they've lost the snake, it strikes the flying craft with its tail, and they're all forced to abandon ship. Once they retreat to safety, the Ninja watch as the Great Devourer bites their home in half, leaving the scene afterwards. Zane says that they must go warn others of the event, though Jay has already given up and proposes the idea of living in one of the Serpentine Tombs to stay safe. Kai gives the team words of encouragement, and even though Jay is barely convinced, Kai proceeds to put his own plan into motion.

Meanwhile, the Serpentine retreat to the Fangpyre Tomb as Fangtom and Skales argue over the latter's role in Pythor's insane plot. As they leave, they spot the Great Devourer close by and quickly rush inside.

The Ninja arrive at Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, and Jay comes to the conclusion that his parents left. Kai whips out blueprints for the Ultra Sonic Raider, and Zane confirms that he has a recording of the Sacred Flute stored in his databanks. As the Ninja discuss their plan, the Mailman appears with mail for Ed and Edna, and the Ninja tell him that he should be leaving. The Mailman doesn't understand the situation and thinks they're referring to the Take Back Ninjago Rally - apparently, everyone is gathering in Ninjago City for an anti-Serpentine rally. While the Mailman is talking, the Great Devourer creeps up behind him, prompting him to hide inside a garbage can.

Ready to fight, the Ninja use their Tornado of Creation to draw in spare parts from the Junkyard and build the Ultra Sonic Raider. Kai tells Zane to play the recording of the Sacred Flute, but the Great Devourer dodges the attack. After several failed attacks from both sides, the Ninja use a grappling hook to keep the snake still long enough to use the Sacred Flute against it. As the monster writhes in pain, Kai notices a tiny weak point on its head - while he elaborates to his friends, however, the Great Devourer strikes the Ultra Sonic Raider with its tail, destroying the sonic cannons playing the melody of the flute.

The snake retreats from the Junkyard and Zane emerges from the attacked portion of the Ultra Sonic Raider, mostly unharmed save for the exposure of the robotic parts on the left side of his face. Jay thinks the operation was a complete failure, but Kai quickly points out they now know the Great Devourer has a weak spot on its head. As Jay retorts that there's no way that they can use that knowledge, the Ninja realize that the situation has worsened further; the Great Devourer is headed towards Ninjago City, threatening to consume the metropolis and become completely unstoppable.

The Great Devourer enters the city through the subway system and scares off everyone in the rally. Ed and Edna try to escape in their car, but the engine doesn't start - luckily, Jay arrives to blast the Devourer before it can eat them. The other Ninja join the battle and attempt to deter the monster with every attack in their disposal, but their efforts only seem to make it angry.

Meanwhile, Emmet enters the local tea shop to request their Traveler's Tea; the owner comments that only fools take that blend, but redacts her statement when she sees who she's talking to. While emmmet waits for her to come back with the tea, he sees the Ninja losing their fight against the Great Devourer on television.

Lucy and the lover teammates crew attempt to stop the Great Devourer by wedging a street light in its mouth using the Samurais suit, only to get stuck when the suit malfunctions. Before they can be consumed, the Devourer is attacked by the Ninja's Dragons, now merged as the Ultra Dragon. After saving Lucy and lover teammates crew, the Ultra Dragon swoops in to attack the snake, with the Ninja cheering it on. The assault seemingly forces the Great Devourer to retreat, but as the Ultra Dragon glides to its allies, the serpent's tail shoots out of the ground and knocks the Dragon out of the air.

As the Ninja assess the damage done to the Ultra Dragon, Emmet appears behind them and asks for the Golden Weapons - their combined power can destroy the Great Devourer, but only he can wield all four at once. The Ninja are hesitant - with Jay pointing out that their mission is to protect the Golden Weapons from Emmet - but Zane admits that their foe's suggestion is more feasible than any other scenario he can calculate. Deciding that they have no other choice, the Ninja hand over their weapons, with Kai telling Emmet about the Devourer's weak spot. Although clearly pleased to have the Golden Weapons at last, Emmet stays focused on the current crisis, telling the Ninja that they must immobilize the Great Devourer so he can have a clear shot at its weak spot. As emmet runs off, Jay despairs at their task, but the Ninja come up with a plan.

Kai,lloyd and darlyn begins by confronting the Great Devourer alone, luring it through the street to where Cole is waiting. Cole then lures it to the billboard where Jay stands, and Jay leads it through a construction site to meet up with Zane. As Jay and Zane escape using an ice slide that Zane created, the Devourer pursues them, but right before it could consume them, Kai and Cole swoop in on the Ultra Dragon to pick them up. Rushing to a nearby building, the Ninja see that their plan has worked; the Devourer has bitten its own tail, and with its oversized body tangled among the buildings of Ninjago City, it is completely stuck.

The skies darken as Finn and jake spots emmet, standing atop a skyscraper with all four Golden Weapons in hand. He condemns the Great Devourer as the one who forced him down the path of memories, and in an act of vengeance, jumps down and impales its weak spot with the Golden Weapons. Roaring in agony, the Great Devourer explodes into green slime that covers the entire city. As the citizens of Ninjago City cheer in their victory.

The Ninja notice that Emmet has died with the Golden Weapons, and Kai states that they'll probably be seeing him again soon. Cole then sees that Sensei Wu is alive after all amongst the slime, and the Ninja excitedly rush over to greet him and celebrate their victory. Lloyd's mood quickly turns melancholy as he remembers that he will have to turn his own father back normal as the Green Ninja, but the others promise to train him to his full potential before that day comes.

Meanwhile, emmet is survives from his death, so he return The Lost City of Ouroboros to find the fang blades was created into weapon like harp why did emmet want to avenge his uncle death,so he could return to hunger game.

Emmet went to the Hunger game, and emmet walks towards the fort while it begins to rain. He scales its walls and is confronted by Stan and snakes princess, who has put corks in snakes Princess's ears in order to resist emmet's harp. Understanding the situation, emmet's uncle reaches out from snakes princess's stomach and removes snakes princess's ear plugs, urging emmet to play his harp. Emmet does, causing Stan's wife to explode. Emmet is knocked out by the blast and has a dream in which he climbs up a stone spire to a bird's nest and sees the sun rising over a mountainous horizon.

Later, Buffy is recover peter back together from various pieces of himself, while Kai plays his violin and emmet stands beside him. She explains that peter will recover in time and asks emmet if he could oversee the hunger game while it's repaired. After Buffy leaves.

In epilogue, emmet wake up to sees shocked, revealing Madame Fate lying dead on her crystal ball's table. A black ghost hovers above her, saying that "while you turn wu's brother normal, you will never save Keather, darlyn's birthname". Emmet then sees (see Last epsiode Kai's First Date) talking to His aunt in a phone booth. Martha informs emmet that something evil was released along with Keather, and emmet states "I know." The season and forth game in the series, Regular Life as a Teenage Child: Field Trip Race-Off, continues Entering the Skycable Digibox episodes-arc.


Emmet Brickowski

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Lucy Brickowski

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

emma wu

misako garmadom

fionna mertens

cake whiteson

Ninjago citizen people

Other serpentine


Pythor P. Chumsworth

Great devourer

Snakes princess

Stan pines

Dipper pines

Maple pines


Peter quill/star lord

Martha Brickowski (debut)

Blackflame ghost (debut)

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