This is my first fan story using myself as a character in the ninjago universe. I hope you enjoy ;)

Summary Edit

The Dark Age was a time in Ninjago where evil won, for a time at least. The ninja of darkness, Triton, was turned and was successful in defeating the ninja. So how did the light help them in this scenario?


The dark age was a result of evil winning against good. The ninja wanted to become senseis and all went out to find a student for themselves. The ended up having one student between them, Triton. He dawned a purple ninja outfit with orange and black as secondary colours. They each took turns teaching a lesson to Triton but soon he got to eager.

When Lloyd taught his first lesson, Triton asked about his father and how he was able to hold such dark power. Triton then wanted to learn how to use the darkness against evil and so, even though they weren't fully agreed on it, Triton was named the ninja of darkness. He had lessons on how to change dark energy into light energy but Lloyd warned him multiple times about letting it take over. He slowly became obsessed and began to attack the ninja more and more during practical lessons and was soon csat out as a failiure. In fustration, he left but arrived a week later with all the people who wante dto become a ninja. This was due to the rumors spread by Triton saying how the ninja only care for themselves and don't concern others in the aftermath of a battle.

The event of Triton bringing a mob of people was known as 'The battle for the monestary' where Triton and his mob lost. Wu arrived after being away to allow the ninja to become senseis and he banished Triton from the land of ninjago. Triton found the island of darkness where he found the temple of light. He wanted to find a way to get the power of the ultimate spinjitzu master but when he discovered it was impossible, he corrupted it in hopes he could force it to work. After a whole day of trying, he destroyed the temple as his anger flowed through his body. He was now fully consumed by the dark powers he could not control.

Triton managed to find a way back to ninjago using stealth lessons from Zane. He found the monestary at night and blew the front doors to black and purple ash. All six ninja woke up and had no choice but to fight Triton again. In pure rage, Triton would just wave his arms and a huge gust of wind tore down the building. He leaped into the air yelling 'NOW YOU ARE BANISHED!' as he sent a wave of dark energy hitting everyone, blasting them down the moutain and out of their monestary.

The dark age begun! Triton trained himself to gain as much power as possible. He was able to master spinjitzu so well he could do a tornado of creation by himself. He could conjure thunder storm at the blink of an eye. He could open a crack in the floor to create a direct path to the underworld. There was much more he could do, all because he was a fan of lord garmadon.

The ninja were struggling but always found a way. The plan to balance things was complicated but it worked. Triton could handle Lloyd, the green ninja, easily. But could he handle two? Cole went to the temple of airjitzu with the promise of master yang coming back to life. All he had to do was possess the mannequin of Morro in the museum and their combined strength would help in defeating Triton once and for all. Yang possessed Morro and they were able to create a mortal body.

The ninja travelled to the monestary once more in a final attempt to stop Triton. Lloyd and Morro teamed up and created a huge ball of light with Triton trapped in the middle. The ball of light energy exploded and Triton was nowhere to be found. His body was completely consumed by darkness and when he was cleansed by the light, he was no more.


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