The sounds of shouts and children's cries snapped Li Wei into consciousness. He sat up abruptly and looked around, however his room was engulfed in darkness, so he could not see. He attempted to create a small ball of energy in his palm to light his way, but to avail--his powers weren't working. A cold wind, peppered with snowflakes nipped at his face. Snow Li Wei thought puzzledly It's far too warm for snow. All of a sudden a candle was lit. "Kopi?" he asked, but the voice was not his. It was higher pitched, and held notes of an older person.

"Did you say something Auntie?" A young man Li Wei did not recognize asked.

"Auntie?" Li Wei looked down. He was wearing a beaded blue parka and his hair was a long silvery blonde. He was sitting in a hide covered tent alongside a slight young man who had called him Auntie. The screams from outside continued.

"What's going on out there?" Li Wei questioned, and from the shadows of the tent a hoarse voice answered "They've come for me." The shadowed figure stood up, it was a girl and though she looked quite young, her eyes reflected someone who had lived a lifetime of tragedy and hardship. She pulled a cloak over her platinum blonde hair. "I need to leave, if it weren't for me they wouldn't be here."

"No!" The young man protested "Stay we can protect you." The girl gave a faint fake smile before opening the door to the tent and running out into the tundra. A gruff voice came from the outside. "Hiroshi!" It called "Look it's her!" "Then don't just stand there! After her!" The voice sent shivers up Li Wei's spine, undoubtedly it came from the evil Hiroshi, leader of the Nightmare Revolution. "What do we do with the rest of these villagers?" Came the voice of another solider. "Well we can't have them telling anyone can we?" Li Wei shot up "NO!" he cried. Then, like a lightning bolt, he felt a shock of pain and the world went dark.

Through the darkness came familiar voice. Li Wei she said I have sent to a vision, a glimpse into the torture the citizens of Ninjago endure under the Nightmare Revolution. Recently I received a distress call from a member of a tribe in the Frozen Wastelands, the Nightmare Revolution has been tracking them and attacking them for weeks now. They need your help. Go to them, they need you. Nera's voice left Li Wei's head and he woke with a start.

Li Wei breathed in the smell of wood and ash, sole candle was flickering beside him illuminating the wooden walls of the inn Kopi and Li Wei were staying in as they headed farther north, towards the outlands--the home of the Nightmare Revolution. Li Wei tried to fall back to sleep, but he couldn't. That didn't really matter to hime though, Li Wei could go two weeks without sleeping--a trait he inherited from his father. Li Wei left the inn at the crack of dawn just as the mining village he was staying in had begun to awake. Taking what little money he had Li Wei went to the supply shop where he purchased two thick winter coats, snow boots, mittens, and a a very ugly hat with a large pompom on it that Li Wei found amusing. Maybe I'll have Kopi wear this.  He thought to himself. Back at the inn Kopi waited fo Li Wei to join her for breakfast and was quite surprised to see hime come in through the front door carrying an arm load of clothing. 

"What's all that for?" She asked him

"We're heading to the Frozen Wastelands."

A gasp went through the inn's small kitchen. The owner, waitress, other diners, and Kopi all covered their mouths in shock.

"Hey" A fellow diner leaned over to Kopi "You might want to ditch this guy, I don't think he's all there." He then proceeded to do the cuckoo sign. 

"Master, are you sure? I mean not to be rude but that sounds like a terrible idea. You know how many people die trying to survive in the Frozen Wastelands?" 

"Kopi I understand your concerns, but there is a tribe that has lived in the Frozen Wastelands for many generations and they seem to manage perfectly fine. In order to survive we must only learn from them. Besides," Li Wei leaned in closer to Kopi's ear "The Nightmare Revolution is up there and they are hurting countless people." 

Kopi bowed her head. "If they need us, than let's go. I've had it with them, it's time I taught them a lesson." 

More Coming Soon 

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