Biography Edit

telulu is one of the witches 5 and a daihmon created by professor tomoe.she uses plants called telluns to steal peoples pure hearts at a flower shop at the mall.after minettes death kaorinite told telulu that professor tomoe wanted her to start stealing pure hearts so she then started creating telluns by mixing plant DNA and daihmon DNA.then when hotaru chibiusa's friend was walking in the mall she saw the telluns and bought one for her and gave it to her.then when sailor moon and chibiusa watered it it grew a vine that started strangling chibiusa so then sailor moon smashed the then they whent and found the flower shop who owns this they whent inside they saw telluns stealing pure hearts and giving them to telulu they realised and chibiusa transformed into sailor chibi moon and then sailor moon transformed.and then sailor moon used moon rainbow heart ache on all the plants in the shop and destroyed them.telulu was furious so she used her attack ivy buster on chibiusa and threatend to steal her pure heart.thats when the other sailor soldiers came and tuxedo mask which smashed the ivy and her star key chain which was holding the pure hearts inside.then sailor mars used her attack mars fire snake and killed telulu.then kaorinite came and ressurected telulu in her daihmon form which was destroyed by chibiusa's new gained attack pink sugar heart attack.

Gender: female



age: 22

species: daihmon/humanoid

occupation: witches 5/death buster

first appearance: act 21 sailor moon S

theme color: green

Appearnace Edit

telulu has green hair with two buns a black top with long green leggings with black balllet shoes with black beeds all over her arms and neck also abit in her hair

in her daihmon form she looks like a type or plant monster with long vines shrouding her body.


Telulu holding a tellu plant

Attacks Edit

ivy buster -shoots ivy from her hands and wraps the enemy

Items Edit

star key chain

tellun plant

Ability Edit

telulus ability is to shoot ivy out of her hand and use plants

to steal pure hearts.

Powers mandragora buster

Telulu using ivy buster


Telulu in her daihmon form

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