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Tatarus is an ancient prison where Ancient Villains and Monster Robots are locked away by the Ancients. the workers are the Police Ghosts


  • The Overlord (lives there)

    Leelee Prisoner of Tatarus

    025539328 wallpaper3 1280x1024

    The Overlord

    220px-MF Necrolai


  • Cherell (lives there)
  • Kronos (Escaped, Returned by the Ghost Police)
  • Hydraking (Escaped, Retuned by the Ghost Police)
  • Predatron (Escaped, Rretuned by the Ghost Police)
  • Predaking (Escaped, Returned by the Ghost Police)
  • Disney Villains
    • Jafar
    • Ursula
    • Hades
  • Destroyer
  • Robo-Tron
  • Predabat
  • Mantena
  • Ninja-Man
  • Crocobot
  • B-Bean
  • Hyperion
  • Krios
  • Altas
  • Mordicon
  • Necroai (Escaped)
  • Leelee Primvare (Escaped)
  • Ares (Clarassie La Rue)
  • Zavok
  • Zazz
  • Toxon
  • Cyphron
  • Zomon
  • Zor
  • Zoko
  • Zik


Tatarus has a bunch of various locations in its place

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