Tasha is a character created by Purplebrick333. Her first appearance was a story for a contest. Her story didn't win, but a few readers wanted to see more of Tasha, so the author created more to Tasha's story.


Tasha has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a light blue gi. Tasha is generally cheerful and friendly, and full of concern for others rather than herself. The things she hates the most is the feeling that's she's hurt someone in some way or if someone refuses to be friends or accept her help.


Tasha is a Master of Water, able to produce and control her element. She is also very acrobatic and a top shot with her crossbow.


Tasha lived several years of her life knowing her family had an element but not knowing what it was. After coming to the ninja's monastery and meeting Zane, she accidentally discovered her powers.

Tasha's story continues when she meets a fire ninja named Zoe, who acts rather rudely towards her. The two clash again at the monastery and Wu tells them they are destined to work together. The two are shocked but Tasha strived (and suceeded) to make friends with the reluctant Zoe. 


  • Zoe - Although clashing seriously at first, the two are good friends now, loving to share laughs and jokes.
  • Zane - Zane was the first ninja Tasha met, and they quickly became close. However, the discovery that he was a Nindroid made things harder for Tasha.
  • Cole - After finding out Zane was a Nindroid, Cole finally spoke up. All this time he had wanted to be Tasha's friend. Tasha realized what she had missed, and the two became very close, perhaps beyond friendship... ;)

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