Tara is a character created by Sensei PurpleBrick. Please do not use without her permission.


Tara is a ninja-turned-ghost-then-eventually-back-to-human-plus-given-the-ability-to-change-between-the-two. (Alright, you're gonna have to write this stuff down because I'm not gonna remember it in the end but here we go). She is usually kind and happy, but her time as a ghost brought out a lot of insecurities and darkness.


Tara is very skilled with her ice powers, once she got them under control in her ghost form. She wields a sword that is capable of channeling her element, which is her favorite weapon in combat.


Look at the picture, dearie :)


Early HistoryEdit

Tara lived with both her parents in a nice apartment in Ninjago City. Tara decided to become a ninja after mostly completing her karate lessons and discovering her Ice powers, so she got her gear off the Internet (amazing what you can find on NinjaBay) and waited for an opportunity to use her skills. And waited... And waited...

Back To LifeEdit

Through an unfortunate series of events, Tara ended up in Yang's temple at dawn. Running through Ninjago City and unintentionally frightening everyone, she met a Master of Water named Wyatt. They head to her house to discover that her parents have left. Together they try to find a way to make Tara human again. Any details would spoil the story, so... Yeah.