Long before time had a the middle of the Sea of Peace...sat an island, just for serpents. The island was named "Saphire Selastiasss". (Translation: "Serpent Island") Everyone on the island could all have the ability to turn into enormous, god serpents....and they all spoke in the islands sacred language: saphire...all except for two people who lived and ruled on the island. These two rulers were named Rhomeo and Juliet, they made sure that all the snakes were happy, and in well condition. One day, Juliet was about to have three children, but she was very sick. So Rhomeo sent out four knights to look for someone who would heal the queen; they ended up going to the queens mother, Madamm Hooch, who made and gave them a medicine to heal Juliet, thus allowing her to have her children. She had two boys and one girl. The first boy, who had short, black hair was named Dev; the second boy, who had short, shaggy hair, was named Cole; and lastly, the girl, who had bright pink hair, was named Thorn. They each had special abilities, in each they would use in the future...this is the story about their lives...

Chapter 1: Dev's First DayEdit

( This chapter, is told in Devs point of veiw)

Today, was the second day I came into this world. My other siblings, Cole and Thorn were both playing in the royal garden, but me? Well, lets just say I like being alone. Today I went to the graveyard where all those serpents who used to rule, died. One, my mom was her sister, Rebecca. She used to be a faithful queen on this island, but she got killed by a pack of wild dogs. She was to be my aunt, unfortunally, she did`nt get to see me that much, because she visited me in spirit. After my gravely visit, Cole asked me to practice something with him. I agreed, for I had nothing usual to do at the moment. And so we each faced each other, brother to brother; sibling to sibling, and man to man. But just before I could begin, my brother leapt up and pounded his fist on the ground. The ground shook, knocking me down my feet. My brother smiled as I lifted my head and said, "No fair! I wasnt ready!" Cole helped me up and responded, "Well, you get distracted you lose..." I humphed and walked off to the palace. Inside, I could smell the yummy odor of fish and mini-whale. I ran to the kitchen and inside the cook, Tracy Mcsally was cooking fried fish, and cooked mini-whale. She looked at me and smiled, she said, "Dinners ready." I giggled and took my plate. I was glad to be the first to sit down, because that meant I got to eat super fast, and then go back to my room and listen to rock muic. But unfortunally, my dad forced me to sit down on the table and be with the family. "You need to learn how to interact with the people in this family, Dev." he said to me. I humphed again, and sat down, waiting for everyone to finish their food. The dinner bell ran, Finally! I thought in my head. Dinner was over, and I could be free to do what I wanted. I ran to my room, and listened to my favorite song: Kings and Queens. After that, I went outside to visit the graveyard again, and this time, my dead uncle Sylvester's soul was there.

Oh hey, Dev....beautiful day isnt it?

"Umm, yeah! Sure, uncle Sylvester!" I responded.

Why cant you be more like the rest of the others in your family, eh? I could hear your father complaining that you keep skipping on family activities.

I sighed. This was the 3rd time he had asked that. And I keep telling him, 'I'm just not into, the family games and stuff' and then he just snares at me and goes back in his grave. But today, I told him something different.

"I just dont think its fun to join in the family things that much, thats all I'm saying..." I replied.

Well you need to learn how to interact with them, for if your mom and dad die, Thorn and Cole will be your only family left, and you need to learn how to take care of them....

Then, as usual, he goes back to his grave, humming an annoying tune that already got stuck in my head. But, it was getting dark, so I went back to the castle, said goodnight to everyone else...and went back to my room. I put on my pajamas, and plopped myself in bed, but for the last few minutes, I couldnt forget what uncle Sylvester said to me. ' for if your mom and dad die, Thorn and Cole will be your only family left, and you need to learn how to take care of them... I decided to ignore those words. And so I turned off my desk lamp, and muttered to myself, "Hmph, like thats ever going to happen...."

Chapter 2: Thorn's New PowerEdit

( This chapter is told in Thorns point of view)

I felt the sun come up from above, the light touched my face, and I opened my eyes. I got up from my bed, and went over to my bookshelf. You might be wondering why I did see, for the last few days, everyday, I got used to the habit of reading books each morning to warm up my bones and muscles for the day, so..I read. The book I chose was the history of Ninjago, I opened it up, and read:

Long before time had a name...Ninjago was created by The First Spinjitzu Master, by using The Four Weapons, of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes; The Nunchuks of Lightning; The Shurikens of Ice; and The Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once...when he passed away...his two sons swore to protect them...but the oldest was consumed by darkness, and wanted to possess them. A battle between brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down, and banished, to the Underworld----

I stopped short. The Underworld? I've never heard of such a place...maybe, I could ask Mom or Dad about it. So I put the book away, and got up from my chair, and ran downstairs. Downstairs, our cook had set out our breakfeast, and it looked yummy: it had fried, and toasted fish, a cup of soy-venom milk, and a medium-sized fishcake. (Pancake) My other two brothers, Cole and Dev had managed to get themselves out of bed and come down to eat. "Hey, sis..." Cole told me. "Hey...did you do your wake-up routine?" I asked, looking at their condition. "Yep.." they both answered. "But we're too tired to stay awake..." "I see..." I replied. "Well, dig'll wipe that away..." Soon, our mom and dad came down to eat, they looked at us eating. "Hey boys? You alright? You look worn out..." our dad asked. "We're just sleepy..." Cole replied. "Well then you better eat your breakfeast or I'm going to tickle you!" our mother said, tickling Cole and Dev. They both laughed which finally gave them some energy. "Ok! Stop! We're up!" Dev said, pushing mothers hand away. Our mom laughed, and we all digged in. After breakfeast, I decided to go to the islands near island: Paridise shores. I told my mom, and she agreed, but only if I watched out for those sea eels. I packed my books in my pack, which kept them nice and dry...and stuffed them in my snake pouch. I ran towards the edge of the island, and stopped when I got near the water. This is it....I thought. I placed my foot in the water, and it felt cold, I placed my other foot in the water, and I kept walking. The more I walked, the more deeper in the water I got. Finally when the water reached up to my neck, I ducked my head in the water, and dived down for the first time. I swam happily and swiftly through the water. I'll tell you what, it felt like being a bird gliding through the air in broad daylight, that's what it felt like to swim, being free from worry. Thats when things started to get really dangerous: I spotted a pack of sea eels in front of me, and they looked at me in anger, tails flashing with electricity. Uh ohhh.......I thought, as I swam quickly. The eels were right on my tail, and I wasnt fast enough..thats when something weird happened: I started hearing a voice in my head. Thorn....close your eyes.....I did so. Now imagine...that your a snake with a giant tail, that'll knock down those vicious eels......I did so, and eyes glowed purple, and my skin turned scaly, and my behind grew a giant, swishy tail. The eels looked at me in horror, and I knocked them all down with my tail. Wow....just like mom and dad! I swam with ease to the shores of Paridise Shores, and I turned back to myself. On the island...I read books and looked around. When I was done, I swam back to the others. I told mom and dad what happened. "Really?" mom said to me, smiling. I nodded my head in excitement. "Yep!" I answered. " Thats great, sweetie! Why dont you go on and join the others?" my dad stated. I agreed, and skipped away to outside. My mom and dad watched me leave, their faces in concern. " This quick?" my dad asked my mom. "Its just like myself when I was young..." my mom said. " least she has a power to protect herself..." my dad finished.

Chapter 3: Cole Saves a LifeEdit

( This chapter is told in Cole's point of veiw)

It was early morning, the sun woke me up, and I got out of bed. My name is Cole, and I'm 10 years old, I was born a few days ago, but it was like I was growing fast. I got out of bed quickly, still sleepy, I opened up my window, and looked outside. I usually do this to amuse me by something outside that'll wake me up. I spotted a squirrel being chased by a small snake. I laughed, and I closed my window. I went down to the table, where breakfeast was set. "Up and at em!" exclaimed our cook. I smiled at her, and took a plate. I sat down, and waited for the rest, even though I was starving.

They soon came, and all took a plate as well, my sister, Thorn, sat next to me, and my brother, Dev sat next to me. "Hey Cole, guess what?" Thorn asked me. "Umm, you read another book of insegnificent knowledge?" I answered, sarcasticly. " No! Well, I did, but thats not it..." she told me. "What?" I asked. " She turned into a snake...." my brother, Dev said, in a cranky tone. " Yes! And Battled those vicious eels!" Thorn stated, eating her food. "Just, how did you dear?" my father asked. "Oh! That part, I heard a voice in my head telling me to imagine myself as a giant, purple snake, and BOOM, I turn into one!" Thorn said joyfully. My mother's eyes widened. "Really?" she asked, amazed. Thorn nodded, and then we all got back to eating. When we all finished, I went outside to play...I always went to my grandmothers hut to talk with her.

When I arrived, she opened the door and smiled at me. "Well hello, Cole..." she said. " Hi grandma." I said, smiling. She invited me inside for some honey tea, I gotta tell you one thing, my grandma's honey tea was the bestest in the whole universe! As I sipped from my cup, my grandmother began to speak. "Did you have a great morning?" she asked. "Yes, I did, Thorn told all of us that she turned into a giant, purple snake by hearing a voice in her head..." I replied. "Is that so? Well it reminds me of when I was a little girl..." my grandma stated. "Really? How come?" I asked, leaning forward. "Well, let me tell you a story..." my grandma began. "Long ago, before you, your mother and father, and your sister and brother lived and were even born in the castle, I was just a tiny, small girl living under the orders of my mother and father..." "You didnt have any siblings?" I asked. "Nope, I was an only in the palace where you live, me and my mother and father lived a happy life in the palace, thats when they showed me their power as snakes..." my grandma continued. "Then, on that same day, I went into the water to see if I can earn my mom and dad told me to be careful, and I tried to be, be but couldnt...." "What happened?" I asked. "Oh, then some pesky sharks came after me, and my mom and dad started to get worried. They were about to go in when...I earned them..." my grandma replied. "What?" I asked. "My snake god powers, just as the sharks were about to take a bite out of me...I started hearing a voice in my head telling me to imagine being a giant, black-grey snake...and so, I got them..." my grandma finished. "Wow...that sound you think I'll earn mine soon, grandma?" I asked. "Oh of course,, were born with it.." my grandma replied, smiling.

We then heard a shout from outside, and a man came barging in. "Prince Cole! Your brother is being drowned by an evil serpent!" he cried. Me and my grandma gasped and ran outside to where a lot of people were gathered. We made our way to the front, and thats when I saw it: that serpent was trying to drown my brother! It dragged him down the water, and he was starting to lose air. I knew I had to do something, so I jumped in and dived into the water.

The serpent was still swimming down to the deep deapts of the ocean, but I soon caught up to it, and clinged onto it. " Stop it!" I shouted. The serpent noticed me, and tried to knock me off, but I held on, and free my brother from its grasp. "Go! Swim!" I shouted to him. Dev swam up to the surface while I was still fighting the serpent. My grandmother called my mom and dad, and they soon arrived to where everyone gathered. " Dev!" my mother shouted. Dev was soaking wet, but he ran into mom's arms. "Wheres Cole?" my dad asked. And as for me, I was still clinging onto the serpents back, I then heard a voice in my head. Cole....try to scare it off...that'll work... I let go of the serpents back, and it tried to clamp its jaws on my leg or arm, but I got near it and grabbed its neck. It was choking, and it tried to free itself from my grasp, but my small hands were too strong, it'll have to be a fool to do that. Soon, he showed me he wasnt going to mess with me again. With that, I let go, and watched him swim away in fear. With a grin, I swam up to the surface where everyone was waiting. "Cole!" my dad shouted. I ran into my dads arms and hugged him, then I turned to see the serpent swimming away. The people there cheered, and my mother hugged me. "I'm very proud of you, Cole..." she said, tears of joy in her eyes. "Thanks mom..." I replied. My grandma hugged me. "That, was a good thing to do..." I smiled, and my brother walked towards me. "Uhh, thanks..." he stated. I laughed, and hugged him, he hugged me back. Everyone else went home, my grandma went back to her hut, and me, my mom and dad, and brother went back to the palace. That day, I had gained honor from the people, my mom, dad, grandma, and my brother as such...but I would thank that voice I heard, not me.
The Sea Serpent

The Sea Serpent Cole battled that day

Chapter 4: The GirlEdit

(This chapter is told in Dev's point of view)

I woke up, the sun shone in my face. I hissed and closed my blinds, I slumped back into my pillow. But thats when my mom came in, "Dev, time to get up." I groaned, she pulled away my blanket I hissed. She looked at me fiercely, "Up. NOW." I got out of bed, and got ready. Today we had to go to the Serpent cermeony to celebrate the deaths of our ancestors...its a pretty big deal if your a God Serpent.

I put on my clothes and got ready, we left for Fang Town, where half the people will be gathered, everyone else who didn't come were just lucky enough not to get bored to death. Ohh, it took so loooong. I was forced to sing some boring traditional songs, I could've just bailed out and ignored this whole thing, but if I did that then I would be in a heap of trouble. Hours passed by, and we still haven't finished. But then, I saw an unfamiliar long tail brush past a thorn bush, it was black, and purple, with a cosmic colored halo. I was curious to see what it belonged to, itching to go somewhere else but here. I told my mom I need to go to the loo (bathroom) and she let me pass, I ran in the path where I last saw the tail. I soon caught up to it, it was so magnificent, I just needed to know what creature it belonged to. So I ran, picked up speed and jumped, I pounced on the tail like a wild cat on its prey.

I then heard a low, 'Ow!' it sounded high-pitched yet if it belonged to a 50 year old. (5) A figure stepped out, I gasped...the tail belonged to a...a...girl. She had blonde hair, brown eyes, purple and black clothes, and a round face. Her face was covered in scars, and bruises, as if she were beat up. I stared at her, I started to feel warm inside, and my stomach was in knots...what am I feeling?

"Excuse me, but I would really like it if you release my tail." she snapped. I simply let go of her tail, but I still couldn't stop looking at her. She looked at me, "Hello? You ok?" I nodded, "Y-Yeah...I'm fine." She sighed and sat down, I looked at her, she looked like she had been crying. "Um, are you ok?" I asked. She turned to me, "What does it look like? I have scars all over me, do I look ok?" I shut up instantly, did...I just make her mad? She sighed and looked at me, "Sorry...I'm just having a rough day." Oh good, shes not mad at least. ", sorry bout pouncing on your tail, its just um...I-I really was fascinated by the way it looked." I said. The girl blushed, she smiled at me, "Its little brothers do it all the time." I looked at her puzzled, "You have brothers?" She nodded, "Three of them, plus three other little sisters, they can be pretty rough sometimes, but I still love them. Why? You have any?" I blushed, scratching the back of my head, "Um, yeah, I have a brother and sister. They can be pretty rough too...if ya know what I mean." She giggled, I blushed harder, my face now a shade of red, I smiled...this girl seems sweet enough, but what is this warm feeling? Just then I heard my mom calling. "Dev? DEV!!!" "Is that your mom?" she asked. I looked at her, "Y-Yeah...gotta go, sorry." She punched me softly in the arm, "No biggie, I understand. My mom can be pretty worried too, I better get going, by the way...whats your name?" I blushed more, "Well, names Devon, but you can call me Dev." She smiled, "Dev, cool name. Names Andrea." Andrea...pretty name. She winked at me and grew wings, I was shocked, she flew off...shes a, Dragon.

My mom finally found me. "There you are, me and the rest were worried about you." she said. I looked up at her, "Oh, sorry mom. It took longer than I expected." she smiled and rustled m hair, "Well then, the ceremonies over, we're going to get Ice Cream now." I smiled, yes! But as we drove there, I couldn't stop thinking about...Andrea. Thinking about her made me warm, and m stomach knot. What am I feeling?
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