TakaNinja is the cousin of Toa Takanuva from the BIONICLE Universe. TakaNinja is a Toa/Ninja of Lightning, and he exells at his job. He is known for making add-ons to his mechanical parts. TakaNinja recently moved to Ninjago from the BIONICLE Universe, but instead of helping the ninjas, he attacked them and nearly killed Kai and Cole. He then revealed himself as the Evil and more threatening form of TakaNinja, Emmisary, Scout, Spy, and Warrior of the Skrall and Corrupt Toa of Lightning. He fortunately was defeated by the Green Ninja, and is currently trapped in a vortex of Ice, Fire, Rock, and his own element of Lightning.

TakaNinja in his Good Ninja Disguise is buildible using:

BIONICLE Stars Tahu, Gresh, Takanuva, Piraka (Nektann), Skrall

TakaNinja in Normal form is buildible using:

BIONICLE Stars Tahu, Gresh, Takanuva, Skrall

BIONICLE Phantoka Radiak

Any Bionicle or Hero Factory Figure with a Silver Thornax Launcher or Meteor Blaster


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