Elite nindroid

Stone nindroids are elite forces of the nindroid army, only ever appearing after the overlord's defeat. They have golden heads, possibly due to the overlord's golden power that burst out through Ninjago after he was defeated, and an armoured body with similar features to stone warriors. Like stone warriors, they are mainly invincible but they can be deactivated. They appear in Risen From Ninjago as Lord Darkness' newest troops.

Appearances Edit

Sets Edit

  • Stone Factory (One Deactivated)
  • Lord Darkness' Maelstorm Fighter
  • Lord Darkness' Fortress
  • Battle At The Cave (Day of The Departed Variant)

Show Edit

  • The Invitation
  • Curseworld Part II
  • Public Enemy Number One
  • Day of the Departed
  • The Factory
  • Return of the Ancectors

Gallery Edit

De nindroid

Deactivated Stone Nindroid, as shown in 'The Invitation'

Dotd nindroid

Day of the Departed suit