Stolen memories
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Original Airdate

October 7 2014

Song and Short

want you gone/let make dollhouse

That's All Folk

the clown


Don't look at horror movie now


saving rainbow hearts

read to talk

Transcript part 2: 23

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The Teammates crew problem on people have murder, when Darlyn accidentally has a nightmare about gingerbread being slayed by clown, as finn and jake tries to help kai get his power back, after he get raped by a female mysterious person.


The prologue start with Om nom have a dreamscapes, Kai watch a funny show called Hageman brother, when he hear sounds and door open,he close the door, he turn off the tv while he goes to sleep,but he don't want to sleep, when he hears again. Kai walk to photobook with a sign "sarah first victim,murder,prank and rape" that strange, no give sarah, no took sarah's victim book, no stealing the book, it just a book, so kai sees a people have murdered, scared, then that he get raped by sarah. In daytime, when jay,zane and cole walk to sees kai is sick and nude, they sends him into hospital.

The epiosde start with darlyn sleep on her dream about the gingerbread followed by darlyn, but he get end up slayed by clown, revealing finn is a clown now, darlyn has a bad dream, darlyn want to get revenge on the clown by sarah gave her a weapon.

Meanwhile finn and jake walk ro get a job by survey crops solider. But they end up near killed by darlyn to attack them with a weapon, princess bubblegum help them goes inside the castle, finn and jake think darlyn was being possessed by a Christmas, princess bubblegum tell finn and jake about the killer was sarah windmill want to killed them all to have stolen memories, finn and jake to defeat her, they went to hospital to get help. Kai told about he saw a murder victim book, finn and jake will help kai, but they attack by sarah's power, while they save themselves by princess bubblegum's ship, but they headed to ship's racing.

But darlyn who rides her hoverbike, killing eren's mom by a bomb, Eren shocked, Finn's right it must be darlyn have a nightmare, jake say darlyn just took her good dreams to seriously, and also ice king has a punch on his right eye, say "and took every memories to seriously" while maple and dipper jump into princess bubblegum's ship without Stan who near killed by Darlyn with her power, Finn shocked in terror, then that darlyn killing all those other people as nurse clown appear stand him.

Darlyn say "you not my adoptive family, you're murder the clown, YOU'RE all CLOWN STRANGEE" as darlyn near killed emmet by mystery box power with a glass, darlyn grab a giant steel sword to telling lumpy "hey" and darlyn say "20 for year, killing the Christmas, 23 F*CKING YEAR" lumpy tries to drives for his lives, but darlyn end up stabs through lumpy death, Finn horrified to drives quietly, while darlyn near killing Sarah by sonic speed and arrested by cryptkeeper.

Darlyn tries to killed them,but they ducked, lloyd stop her, were family, darlyn don't have family, but she headed to finish line, Darlyn get a wining trophy as Om nom awakes his dream, darlyn gives Om nom a popping candy.

In epilogue, Om nom eating a candy along with Darlyn, Kai got allergic candy.


Om nom

Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Finn Mertens

Jake whiteson

Skycable digital citizen

Emmet Brickowski

Sarah windmill (debut)

Princess bubblegum

Eren Yeager

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager

Armin Arlert

Gingerbread (debut)

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