Stacy is a fan character created by Purplebrick333.


Stacy has dark, curly hair with a blue streak and a green streak. Her left eye is green and her right eye blue. She is also rather tall. Stacy is a master of lightning with a unique twist: Her lightning is green and very powerful. No one knows why she has this ability. She is related to Jay, but not very closely. She worked with the ninja for a while and still helps them occasionally. 

Stacy has a little trouble controlling her element, due to its power, but is better than she once was. She can create storms as well as producing powerful bolts.


Stacy had a rather sad childhood, losing her father and getting stuck with a mean stepfather. In her story Electrified  she meets the ninja when they came to investigate the large storm she had created. She told them it was an accident, and that she had trouble with her powers. All of them believed her except Kai and Jay, and it took a while to convince Jay of it. The ninja helped her to control her element as a real threat began to rise, which she assisted them in defeating.

Her full potential stage is much like Jay's, except of course more powerful.



"Poster" for Stacy's story, "Electrified"

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