Spinjitzu energy is the inner energy present in all capable of performing Spinjitzu. A spinjitzu tornado is what happens when that energy is radiated outward. In one's NRG form their entire bodies become pure spinjitzu energy. This energy exists in four main variations, determening the color of the spinjitzu tornado. There are also several unique variations combining all of these main "elements". All ninja are capable of performing Spinjitzu. Only the most powerful of all ninja can perform "multi-tornadoes", the combinations of several elements. An extremely powerful form of Spinjitzu is actually no longer a tornado, but a hypercane: a tornado like super-hurricane. These Spinjitzu Hypercanes are extremely powerful, and often combine with one's NRG form to form the most powerful of all kinds of spinjitzu, similar to the one the First Spinjitzu Master used to create Ninjago. The only person besides the First Spinjitzu Master known to be able to perform this kind of Spinjitzu is the Purple Ninja.

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