Spinjitzu is a fictional martial art featured in the television series Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


It can be assumed that Spinjitzu was created by The First Spinjitzu Master prior to or during his conflict with the Overlord. The First Spinjitzu Master then taught this technique to his sons Wu and Garmadon who passed the art on to their students and loved ones.

Spinjitzu is primarily used in battles, combat or for defense. It is formed when someone who is trained in the technique (usually an elemental master) demonstrates a series of spins, often while shouting "Ninja-Go!" Spinjitzu, the user will then be encircled in a tornado that can used as a shield against enemies or can used offensively as means of a sneak attack or knowcking someone out.

If performed by an elemental master the Spinjitzu tornado will take the color and resemble the users element. For example: Kai, Master of Fire's, Spinjitzu is red-orange and resembles flames. If the user has no element the Spinjitzu will appear silver-ish or golden.


Kai- Master of Fire, learned from Wu

Zane- Master of Ice, learned from Wu

Cole- Master of Earth, learned from Wu

Jay- Master of Lightning, learned from Wu

Nya- Master of Water, learned from Wu/ Overlord (corrupted)/ The Ninja

Lloyd- Master of Energy, learned from Wu/ The Ninja

Wu- Master of Creation, learned from The First Spinjitzu Master

Garmadon- Master of Destruction, learned from The First Spinjitzu Master

Misako- No Element, learned from Garmadon

Overlord- Evil conquerer, learned from unknown

First Spinjitzu Master- Golden power, created the art

Doubloon- No Element, learned from unknown

Zach - Destruction, learned from Overlord