Chapter 1                                                                                                               


Slithering InEdit

Slizzela was one of the most fastiest and dangerous snakes of them all, being the Daughter of Skales the hypnobari general, she would be the loyaliest snake of them all.

Slizzela ran across the ground along with her friend Vemon. Slizzela cimbed a tree. "Slizzela Where are you oh No I lost Skale's daughter he's going to be angry with me" Vemon yelled.
Slizzela jumped to tree to tree, until she jump to a tree who happened to have Jay on it. "Snake" Jay yelled. Slizzela stoped and put her hands up."I mean no harm I want to be a Ninja" Slizzela said. "What, a snake wanting to be a ninja your just trying to trick us" Jay snapped. "Please, Let me say a word of wisdom" Slizzela said. "Ok Tell me your snake Wisdom" Jay said. "I can't pick who I am, but I can chose what i am" Slizzela said. "What are you saying" Jay snapped. "I'm saying I never wanted to be a snake, but I can pick if i'm a doctor, or ninja" Slizzela said. "She does have a point" Zane said. "Can't believe i'm saying this, but we should atleast give her a chance" Kai said. "I agree" Cole said. "But what a snake you can't trust a snake" Jay said. "Use the truth scroll on her" Kai said. The Truth scroll read She was telling the truth.

After few week another snake a vemonmari named Vemon, he was the Gray ninja. Slizzela kissed Vemon. Vemon smiled and then hugged her. "Wonder how Sting and Gyro doing" Slizzela asked Vemon. "Hey guys" Jay asked. "Who are Sting and Gyro" Jay asked. "There friends of are Sting is the own of Fangtom and Gyro is the son of Skaildor, The Fangpyre and Constictai generals" Slizzela asked. "Wait Cole didn't you Kill my mother" Slizzela snapped at him. "What?" Cole asked" "Oh let me explain myself, I didn't kill her, I was trying to help her, she was hanging about to fall off of ninjago and i tried to grab her hand and she try to slap me away and loss her grip and fell to her death i'm sorry Slizzela" Cole said. "I understand" Slizzela said.

With the snakes

Skale was crying, I loss Viperess my beloved Viperess, and on my only daughter Slizzela" Skale said. "It's been two weeks Acidicus said. "I don't care your boy Probably killed her" Skales said. "Vemon wouldn't do anything to her" Acidicus said. She went missing two weeks ago, my son went missing 4 days ago" Acidicus yelled. "Skalidor kid couldn't of did he killed himself 2 weeks and 1 day ago, and Fangtom kid couldn't he was by fangtom's side" Skales said. "Maybe the Ninjas got her" Acidicus asked. Skales eyes widen, "Why didn't I think of that, I bet it was the black ninja, the same one who killed my beloved Viperess" Skale said. "I remeber they day, I first met her" Skale said.

In the past
Skales bowed to Pythor "Yes Pythor" Skales said. Skale happened to turn his head to see a beatuiful female hypnobari walking to a seat. "Skales" Pythor said. Skale didn't even notice Pythor calling him. "Skales!" Pythor yelled little louder. "SKALES!!" Pythor screamed. Skales quicky turned his head "Sorry Pythor" Skales said. "After we get all the tribes united we will beable awaken the Great Devouner" Pythor said. "I know you told me 50 times already" Skales said.
15 mintures passed, after pythor became the king of the snakes. Skales walked over to the female. "He-Hello" Skales said, trying not to make a fool of himself. "Hi, General" She said. "I haven't seen you among the hpynobari" Skales asked. "I always been so quiet" She said. "Well your going to have to talk now" Skales said. "Why's that?" She said. "Oh nothing" Skales laughed. "I didn't get your name" Skales said. "Oh sorry general Skales, I'm Viperess" She said. "Well Viperess, you have such a lovely name" Skales said. Viperess began to blush. "Stop it your making my blush" Viperess said. Skales held her hand,Skales felt array of emotions. "What are you doing?" Viperess asked. "Skales released his grip of her hand. "I'm sorry" Skales said. "I will leave" he added. Viperess quickly grabed Skale's hand. "No, no I like it" Viperess. Viperess placed her head against Skales, resting her head on his shoulder. Skales closed his eyes and lowered his head to her face. Viperess opened her eyes to see Skales lending in for a kiss. Viperess didn't know what he was doing until it happened, her eyes widden as Skales kissed her lips. Skales opened his eyes and pulled away quickly. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know what came over me, I just eh-eh" Skales said, when he was cut of with a kiss by Viperess. "It's ok" Viperess said. "My beloved" Skales said. "So were your my boyfriend now" Viperess asked. "Yeah" Skales said.

Back in the present
"So you met her in orborous" Acidicus said. "Ya, but that Black ninja had to kill her" Skales said. "How Acidicus said. "you never told us". "Viperess and the black ninja were fighting on a skyscraper, but then Viperess was near the edge of a skyscraper, I turned my head and saw her falling off the edge to her death" Skales said. Tear clouded Skale's eyes, "He pushed her off, but now he probably has Slizzela" Skales said. "Did you ever find her body" Acidicus said. "Yes, I buried her right next to The city Oorborous, The worst thing about it, she was 5 months pregant with my second child" Skales said.
Cole was talking to Slizzela. "Can you tell me more about my mother's death" Slizzela said.
In the past

Viperess chased two kids up the stairs of a skyscraper, they opened the door to the top, Viperess was closer to them. "Die to pay for locking the serpetine in the tombs" Viperess snapped. "STOP THERE JUST KIDS" Cole yelled. Cole kicked Viperess in the face. Viperess smirked and widden her eyes "Look into my eyes and Give up your mind" Viperess said. Cole closed his eyes and kicked her in the face. They began to fight hand to hand, until Viperess steped one foot over the edge of the skyscraper and grabed the edge. She was hanging from it. "Give me your hand" Cole asked. "Never" Viperess said. Viperess slaped Cole's hand away. "Just take my hand" Cole said. "I would rather die" Viperess yelled. Cole lowered his hand, "Would you rather die, or live and take care of your family" Cole said. "I would rather die, I don't wanna be saved my a ninja" Viperess. Viperess began to lose her grip. Before she knew she tried to grab Cole's hand but it was took late, she lost her grip and was falling to her death.

Back in the present.
"So It was her own fault, she tried to hurt young innocent kids" Slizzela said.
Slizzela kissed Vemon, "Well i'm less sad about her" Slizzela said.

Chapter 2

Found againEdit

Slizzela walked to Ninjago city, Slizzela turned her head and saw Skales rushing to her. "Father?" Slizzela said. Skales hugged her, "I missed you" Skales said. "Oh I missed you too" Slizzela said. "WHERE WERE YOU, I WAS WORRIED TO DEATH" Skales said. "I got lost in the woods, Vemon I haven't Slizzela said. "You haven't what?" Skales said. "I haven't found him yet, he probably death" Slizzela said. Skales lowered his head, "I will break Acidicus the news" Skales said.
They walked to the abanded underground subway systems, where the snakes live. "Guess what I found my dear little Slizzela" Skale said. The other snakes cheered. Acidicus walked over to Slizzela, "Where is Vemon?" Acidicus asked. Skales lowered his head, "Vemon is death" Skales said. Acidicus eyes widen, What?" Acidicus said, he went back little. Acidicus lowered his head, and began to shed tears. "I have was able to tell him how much I love him" Acidicus cried. "It's ok" Skales said. "NO IT'S YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH" Acidicus yelled. "Yes I do, I lost someone I held dear too me" Skales said. "Ya, well I lost two, I lost my wife Poison, and now my only child Vemon" Acidicus cried. "I DID LOSE A CHILD " Skales yelled. "No you didn't you only have one and she right next to you" Acidicus said. "No I mean that Viperess when she died was pregant with my second child" Skales said. "I'm sorry" Acidicus said. "I haven't been the same since Poison died, not it's worst than Vemon's dead now" Acidicus said. "I remeber her death and when we first me, we both met in orobous was well as you, But her death was horrible" Acidicus said.
In the past
Acidicus was siting in a chair, next to a female vemonari, who was sleeping in a bed. The girl weakly put her hand's on Acidicus's face, "I-I-I- lo-ve-you" she said weakly. She began to violently cough. "Poison please your going to make it" Acidicus said. "You know i'm not" Poison said. "Yes you are" Acidicus said. "I-i i'm not strong enough, tell Vemon I love him" Poison said. "Your strong, you have to be stronger" Acidicus said. Poison slowly closed her eyes, she touch Acidicus's hand. But all of suden her hand felt little heavy. Acidicus lifed her head up, but her head droped. Tears formed in Acidicus's eyes, he felt for a pulse, it worsen, He released she was death.

Back in the present
"It was horrible, she was so sick, she fought for weeks, until she couldn't fight no more" Acidicus said. "Where is Gyro?" Slizzela asked. Skaildor was went to them, "Hey Skailor How's Gyro" Slizzela said. Skailor began to cry. "What did I say" Slizzela said. "He killed himself" Skailor cried. "WHAT WHY" Slizzela said. "He got upset, he was tried of me, so he hung himself in his room" Skaildor cried. "Just like Boa" he added. "Who?" Slizzela said. "She was my wife, she killed herself too" Skaildor said.

In the past
Skaildor, Boa, and Gyro were trapped in a cave blocked by rocks, The cave was too hard to dig thought so Skaildor couldn't dig his away out. "We been traped for 1 weeks now, Skaildor I'm going to stab my self with his dagger, So you and Gyro can eat me" Boa said. "No don't we will get out of here" Skaildor said. "Like when" Boa said. "After were all death". "No" Skaildor said. Gyro needs you more than he needs me" Boa said. "How do you know" Skaildor snapped. "He needs male infulence in his life, not a female, he only 2 years old" Boa said. "don't I need you" Skaildor said. "I already made my choice" Boa said. Boa grabed the dagger and stabed her self with it, she dropped dead. Skaildor picked up her lifeless body and kissed her lips. "Why" he whispered The rocks in the away of enterance of the cave. "YOU SHOULD OF CAME SOONIER" Skaildor yelled.

In the persent

"I'm so sorry" Slizzela said. Skaildor lowered his head, and went back to his room. "So what was your reaction when You got out Viperess was pregant" Acidicus asked/
In the past
Viperess walked up to Skales, and kissed him. "Oh Viperess what's wrong you seem little pale" Skales said. Viperess felt her belly. "I'm fine" Viperess said. Skales turned his head "It's good that your not coming down with anything" Skales said. She smiled and nodded, "There is something" she said. "What is baby" Skales said. Viperess felt her belly again, "I'm pregant" she said. Skale's eyes widened, he curled his body around her, not constricter her, or hurting her. He pressed her head against her head. "Really" he said. "Yes" Viperess said. "Wow i'm so happy, i'm going to be a father" Skale said. Skale looked into eyes and smiled.

Back to snakes
"wow" Acidicus said. Skaildor came back out of his room "What was it like when you found out Boa was pregant" Fangtom asked.

Back in the past
Boa kissed Skaildor. "I have some good news" Boa said. "What is it" Skaildor asked. Skaildor looked in her yellow eyes, and rubbed her blackish grey scales on her face. "I'm pregant" she said. "Skaildor eyes widen, uh, wow that's really great" he said, he began to breath heavily, Oh by the great devoucner this is bad he thought to himself. Skaildor turned his head. "Skaildor?" Boa said. "This is great, real great" he changed his voice to happy. Boa grabed Skaildor's hand and placed on her belly.
back to snakes
"Wow, now your crying about his death" Fangtom said. "Ya weird how things work out, I was to late to make his life better make feel like i love him, now i regart it, time is preicous it doesn't last for ever" Skaildor said. "Tell me about" pythona said. "What do mean Pythona" Skaildor asked. "I always loved Pythor, but I been so scared to tell him that I loved him, now that he's dead, I regret that I didn't tell him" Pythona said. "i'm pretty sure he doesn't love me" "I bet he did love you" Acidicus said. "Ya you guys are the last two anacondari" Fangtom said. "Were, now I am the last anacondari" Pythona said. Pythona went to her room. Skales turned her head. His eyes widen "Pythor is back" he said. "Course I am" Pythor said. "We thought you were dead" Skales siad. No i survived", Pythor said. Pythona heard his voice Pythona raced to Pythor. "Hey Pythor" she said. "I have to tell you something" Pythona said. "I always had a crush on you" She said. "What!?" Pythor said. "I never had the courage to tell you" Pythona siad. "Do you love me" she asked. "Honstly, I only likes you as a friend, I'm not in love with you, I never had a crush on you" Pythor said. "Come you guys, you guys are the last anacondari in ninjago" Skales said. "Excuse me!!" Pythor yelled.
Slizzela turned her head became to sneak out the room. "Where are you going Sting asked. "I can't tell you, i'm sorry" Slizzela said. "Tell me or I will tell Skales" Sting said. "Ok Promise not to tell" Slizzela said. "Yes I promise" Sting siad. "I'm the purple ninja" Slizzela said. "Really, Can I join you guys, I could be the crimson ninja" Sting siad. "Is vemon really dead" Sting asked. "No" Slizzela said. "Hes the yellow ninja" "I Could be the crimison ninja, i know theres a red ninja but crimison different type of red" Sting siad. "Come on" Slizzela said. Sting ran with Slizzela.
Few hours later
Jay was angered by Sting. "No , No two snakes are enough, I don't want three snakes" Jay said. "Come on Jay when do three snakes willingly want to join the ninjas, thats a once and a life time oppunirty" Kai said. "Yes expectly the general's sons and daughter" Zane said. "I got news" Sting said. "What's your news" Jay asked. Pythor's back" Sting said. "What!?" the ninjas siad. "Ya, it's true" Slizzela said. "Do you have any powers now that your ninjas?" Kai asked. "Soundwaves/music" Slizzela said. "Poison" Vemon said. "Lava" Sting siad.

Back with the snakes
Fangtom was freaking out, "Sting, where is my little sting at hes missing" Fangtom cried. "Slizzela missing" Skales screamed. "I lost my first child, along ago, now my littel Sting is missing" Fangtom said. "How" Skales asked. "He was 2 some how he got up a tree and fell off and broke his neck killing him, i vowed to myself that i would keep his twin Sting close to my side he won't get hurt like that again" Fangtom said. "His name was addomin"

Back with the ninja
Cole smashed into Slizzela "Sorry Slizzela" Cole said. "Don't worry about it, my jumping was off" she said. "No My jumping was off" Cole said. "No I was off" Slizzela said. Cole and Slizzela began to aruge extremly. "Shut both of you, you were both off" Jay snapped. "Snakes near ninjago city, underground" Kai said. They rushed to ninjago slizzela opened the manhole and dived down. "You three snakes, go underground, we wait up here" Cole said. "No, no no, Cole you get down here", your a ninja too" Slizzela siad. "Uhh, I hate snakes" Cole siad. "What was that" Slizzela said. "Oh nothing" Cole said. Slizzela was ambused by a constrictari. "Un hand me" she yelled. "What do we have here, fours ninjas, and three tradiors" he snapped. "Wow should of saw that coming" Jay said. "Slience, blue ninja" The snake snapped. Some more constrictari came and grabed the ninjas "The generals will please that the ninjas are caught, and found are selves some tradiors, what you like snakes" he said. "I rather die than be a snake again" Slizzela snapped. "But you are snake, your hypnobari, hes a vemomari, and hes a fangpyre" he said. They draged them to the generals. "What do we have here, rouge snakes" Skales said. Vemon spit his vemon in the guards eyes. "Sting hissed, "I will bite, stand back" he yelled. "Skaildor wraped his tail around Sting squeeze him. Sting screamed in pain "Father?" Someone said. "Gyro", Skaildor siad. "Skaidor throw Sting to Slizzela and hugged him. "You killed yourself" Skaildor siad. "I come back to life" Gyro said. hours later Gyro joined the ninja, "I will be the grey ninja" Gyro said

Chapter 3

Dragon SwordEdit

In a cave
A red dragon with large black stripes on it's back and with belly growled, vemon dripped from it's teeth. "I'm getting old" he said "I must send my sword off, to the next keeping off it can guard it" he said again. The Dragon flew off from the highiest peak in ninjago.

The snakes were watching the snakes in the slither pit. Tize swung his sword at Pyro, Pyro dodging every swing, "Hahaha" loser he laughed. "Your the weakiest Snake ever" Pyro said. "Come on leave him alone" Skales said "Why should we, is because he was Viperess's best freind" Pyro snapped. "Yes" Skales said. They heard a roar outside, everyone rushed out side. The dragon was there with a sword, "I'm am Hissmin, I was give one lucky snake, great power, power of unlimited greatness" he said. "Great power" Tize said. Hissmin threw his sword in the air Tize rushed for the sword and grabed it. "HAHAHAHHA, YOU WILL TAKE MY COMMAND NOW, NO MORE INSULT FROM YOU GUYS" Tize laughed. Tize all sudden felt, a striking pain. "Sharp spike grew from his back, "AAARGGH" he screamed in pain. His hand grew claws, his fangs grew biggers and more came in. He grew a tail he got on his arms and legs "AHHHHH" screamed again. "He grew spikes on his cobra neck his mouth grew bigger and extended out more. "He grew very large, the two spikes on his back near his shoilders shots out a large arm like things, claws at end of it, with a skin memebrane, they were dragon wings" "I'm a dragon?"he said. "Cool" "This isn't what I mean't, the dragon sword is only for people who are pure" Hissmin said. "Pure?" Tize said. "I ain't pure?!" Tize said. "Don't judge a book by it's cover, i can't stand people who judge other people, before knowing there true intention!" Tize said. "I'm sorry, but are your true intentions?" Hissmin asked. "To teach these imbeciles, how true power is, not to bully others because of there skills, I will show them, I will be there king" Tize said. "Never" Skales screamed. "I'm their king" "Don't even try Skales, i'm not asking" Tize said. "I'm tried of alway theses your weak, weakling, idiolt, omgd your so weak, and i had it" Tize. "Countless times, I wanted to do this to you people, force you down, give you pain, like no other, you an feel my pain" Tize said. "I was right to judge you" Hissmin said. "Your intention weren't pure, you just want revenge, you can't abuse your power like that, to hurt others" Hissmin said.
"Who will teach them lesson then, we need order, their not going to listen to reason, they never will, were snakes, were not one of you pure hearted dragons" Tize said.
I'm not a dragon, i'm one of you, snakes can change, I've changed over the years" Hissmin said. "Wait, your Fangpyre" Tize said. "Yes, I am, I was a young, fangpyre many years ago, I had good looks, I was the general years ago" Hissmin said. Before fangtom cutted him off. "Wait, how could you be the general, you can't be the general before, me, or the general before that, I was around how could you be the general?" Fangtom snapped. "I was the general over thousand of years ago, when oroborous was still up and the anaconari were still in good numbers, before we were sent to the tombs and locked up for a long time" Hissmin said. "Impossible, we can't live up to thousand years" Fangtom snapped. "When I was turned into a dragon, I was given the life span of one" Hissmin said. "As I was saying, I searching for food, when I found a sword, I grabed and was turned into a dragon, started to realize i must protect this sword, when i found a bunch of dead dragons skeletions everywhere and it was a note in one that said to protect it, i went to the highiest weak in ninjago and rested in a cave. over the time i became wiser and older" He said. "Wow, good thing i'm not like you" Tize said. "I will become their king, their not going to like it" Tize said. "Over my dead body, you ingorant tainted blacken corrupt twisted little snake" Hissmin said. "So be it" Tize said. Hissmin jumped on to Tize digging his claws into his back. "Hahaha was that supposed to hurt, it tickles" Tize said. Tize bite his neck and twisted it, and Hissmin dropped dead in a instant.

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