Chapter 1 Edit

Akadeni Flamey (Kai) went to Midorikwa middle school along with Mikowa Julian (Zane), Jamiwaste Walker (Jay), and Miyuwa Akimoto (Cole). They ran into Midwoita Garmadon (Lloyd), and this happened.

Midwoita: Hey, I have a question for Cole! Two of them, actually!

Miyuwa: Huh?

Midwoita: Oh, I meankMiyuwa, sorry. But anyway, what's your last name?

Miyuwa: Akimoto...

Midwoita: I knew it! And which one are you? Komachi or Miyuwa?

Miyuwa: Sorry bud! Time's up!

(They look at the class reading when they get there...)

Akadeni: Darn it!

(The other three have pissed off looks.)

Jamiwaste: Yes!

Mikowa: What the heck?! (looks the second time) Oh, I see!

Miyuwa: I don't care!

Sensei Monozota: Hi!

Akadeni: Oh...

Sensei Ellen: Hi!

Mikowa: I have butterflies in my stomach!

Sensei Nagisa: Party!

Miyuwa: Okay! I'll join!

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