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Favorite Weapon

Bone Sword


Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor, Sensei Lloyd, Jason





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Skelltonna is a friendly skeleton. of creations and heros. The four ninja saved her from pirates and helped her stop the falling demons' colorful crystal blood.

Chapter 1: Rescuing SkelletonnaEdit

(Maria, Zap, Titor, Clark, Jason, and Sensei Lloyd walk down the street.)

Sensei Lloyd: Keep walking. Don't stop.

Clark: But Sensei, I'm so tired of walking!

Nuckal: (running) Help! Princess Skelletonna has been kidnapped by pirates!

Maria: The princess Skelletonna? Wow! And who are you?

Nuckal: My name is Nuckal, and I need you to rescue my sister from pirates!

Maria: My friends and I will help you.

Nuckal: Okay! And before I forget, here's a map to the location! We'll meet again soon!

Maria: Hmm...I have an idea!

10 Minutes Later

Zap: We made it!

Captain Soto: I have Skellatonna!

Jason: How dare you! (turns into a golden dragon)

(The pirates scream and run around. They're latertaken to jail.)

Policeman: Thank you gold ninja. And good job on saving Skelletonna.

Skelletonna: Yay, you saved Skelletonna! Let's party!

Shadow Ninja: (secretly watching) You will pay, Jason! (laughs evilly)

Chapter 2: A Dragon RaceEdit

Skelletonna: Right now we'll be racing dragons. Come on!

Maria: Yay, I like racing!

Zap: Me too!

Clark: Let's get to the finish line!

Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor, and Jason: Ninja, GO!!!

(Clark, Zap, Maria, Titor, and Jason race on their dragons.)

Jason: Yay, I won!

Sensei Lloyd: Nice job, ninja. Now let's go home.

Jason: What? We're going home again? That's not funny!

Titor: It's just a joke!

(The four ninja and Sensei Lloyd laugh.)

Jason: Aw man!

Chapter 3: Swimming LessonEdit

Skelletonna: Okay ninja, it's time to swim!

Clark: Yay, I like swimming!

Maria: Me too!

Zap: Me three!

Titor: Jason, get in the water!

Jason: No, I just met her!

Clark: Okay. You all ready?

Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor, and Jason: Ninja, GO!!!

(Clark, Zap, Maria, Titor, and Jason race in the water.)

Jason: Yeah, I won again!!

Clark: Teams stick together!

Sensei Lloyd: Come on ninja, you have to defeat the Shadow King.

Maria: No thanks, I'll just go party.

Sensei Lloyd: What? Ninja, get back to training or else I'll make you defeat the Shadow King!

Titor: We were just kidding!

(The five ninja laugh.)

Sensei Lloys: Get back to training, ninja!

Chapter 4: Teaming UpEdit

Clark: Are we all a team?

Maria: Team!

Zap: Team!

Titor: Team!

Jason: Team!

Maria: Great! We're all a team!

Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor, and Jason: Ninja, GO!!!

The End

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