Who cares what anybody thinks? I skate for me!

-Skater Girl

Skater Girl (also known as Roxanne and SG) is a member of the Ninja group and Cole's girlfriend. She is the only one other than Lord Garmadon who can hurt ???. She is also immortal and can rebuild herself.
Ninjago Skater Girl

Skater Girl in action.

History Edit

The Power of ??? Arc Edit

Skater Girl came in this arc and beat up ???, being the only one who could actually hurt him. She and Cole fell in love at one point and fought together against ???, but then ??? took Kai's Sword of Fire and blew her up into several pieces, then scattered them throughout Ninjago.

The Search for Skater GirlEdit

The Ninja managed to find all of her parts but her head after fighting everyone from a power-hungry sumo to Lord Garmadon. Unfortunately, whilst they were sleeping, ??? came and scattered the parts in different places. The Ninja got those too, but the head was with ???, and they had a battle that he won. After he ran away, Skater Girl became back to normal.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a Series 6 Minifigure.