"This is my home!You will not get me out of this place"

-Skailar in the underworld when the ninja found her.

skais early life-Skai was born,and raised in the underworld,until she was 19,you will hear more of that later.Skai liked it in the underworld with her father Lord Garmadon.She knew spinjiztu by the time she was 4.Skai was not easily frightened,you had to work hard to do that.She grwe up strong, and brave,and she also was stronger than all of the ninja.When lloyd was bor she was five,and she loved lloyd for the five weeks she knew him.Skailar Grey Garmadon,is still VERY strong.

19 year old Skai-When Skai was 19 she was taken by her uncle wu,to become a ninja.She put up a very good fight that started by kicking cole in the face!She didnt give up.But she was eventually overpowered,and was taken to the surface.

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