Shana Gen Wu was the daughter of Sensei Wu and Misako, born during the era of the First Spinjitzu Master. She was put into a magical coma following the fall of Garmadon and his transformation into the ruler of the Underworld. She reawakened during Sensei Wu's search for the Four Elemental Ninja. She participated in the Skeleton War, the Serpentine Crisis, the Dark Island Wars, Master Chen's Tournament, the Preminent War, and the Djinn War.

Biography Edit

Era of the First Spinjitzu Master Edit

Shana was born on July 31st, 28, while Garmadon was studying under Master Chen inside the Monastery. A woman named Gen, who was the current Elementalist of Time, pretended to be the mother, and died in the middle of the first Serpentine War.

Shana was raised in the Monastery alongside Lloyd, who she treated as a little brother although she was unaware of the truth. Wu and Misako were surprised at the new elemental powers Shana began to demonstrate in her youth. Before they could figure out how or why her powers worked the way they did, Garamdon went dark, succumbing to the venom.

Deciding to hide the children from Garmadon and sensing they would have a significant role to play in future events, Lloyd and Shana were put into a coma with their memories erased.

Skeleton War Edit

Shana was accidentally awakened by the Ninja in the time loop they created in the past, resulting in her admittance onto the team for her healing abilities. She became almost immediately infatuated with Cole Hence, and they began a relationship after the Phantom Ninja incident. She journeyed down to the Underworld with them and helped recover the elemental weapons.

Serpentine Crisis Edit

Shana helped during this time, but did not believe herself to be a candidate for the Green Ninja. She investigated her heritage instead and believed herself to be Garmadon's daughter when it was revealed to her who her father was. She recovered her own elemental weapon from the Monastery. She was bitten by the Great Devourer, which seemed to not have any consequences.

Personality and Traits Edit

Shana was a compassionate, empathetic person with great intelligence and selflessness. She was very protective towards those she loved, and petty and vengeful towards those who she believed wronged her. She could be incredibly naïve but did believe the best of people.

Powers Edit

  • Amorakinesis- Shana could manipulate who others loved platonically and sexually, although romantic and familial love remained untouched by her. She unconsciously did this to others, and ran away when she realized that until she could properly control it.
  • Healing- Shana could easily heal her friends with a tap.
  • Shielding- Shana could project shields to protect her friends.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Sensei Wu Edit

Shana and Wu had a strained relationship because of how much he hid and lied to her and for putting her in a coma without her consent. They began to repair it during the Preeminent War, but it dissolved once more during the final battle.

Misako Edit

Shana and Misako had an incredibly volatile relationship. Misako viewed Shana as a mistake in her early years and Shana believed Misako to be her aunt. After Shana and Lloyd came out of their comas, Misako was interested in pursuing a relationship with her children. Shana found out who she really was and reacted by pushing Misako away. Their relationship has completely deteriorated.

Lloyd Garmadon Edit

Shana and Lloyd are very close because of their shared experiences, and view each other as siblings despite not knowing that they are actually half-siblings. They grew even closer after Garmadon's death and Lloyd was devastated when Shana went missing.

Romance Edit

Cole Hence Edit

Shana genuinely loved Cole.

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