Shana Wu
Shana Gerda Hence (née Wu)


July 31


Blonde (Birth), Brunette (Season 3), Pink (Susanna), Black (Shadow)


Blue (Naturally), Gold (When using golden powers)


Pale, freckled



Preferred Weapon:

Bow and Arrows


Silveracity (Unicorn)

First Appearance:

Entry 1. (First Series)

Last Appearance (to date):

Entry 21. (Second Series)

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Shana Gerda Wu was born 31 July during the era of the First Spinjitzu Master. She is the Ninja of Love, and is a healer.

Early Life Edit

Shana was raised in the Monastery, most of which she doesn't remember due to the amnesia her father put on her. However, it is remembered that she and Lloyd were as close as siblings before the fight between Garmadon and Wu, which killed Shana's mother and nearly killed Shana herself in attempt to stop it. She also was warned against Master Chen and the Serpentine War.

Season 1. Edit

Shana fell out of a cherry tree, which she frozen in time in and was asleep. She was instantly approached by the ninja and joined as a healer.

Throughout their journey, Shana falls for Cole, and he falls for her, and she asserts her identity as the Ninja of Love.

Season 2. Edit

Shana begins to remember her time in the Monastery as a little girl, and thinks that Lord Garmadon is her father. She treats Lloyd initially with kindness, and takes his orphaned friend, Sylvia, as an apprentice. She discovers that Sensei Wu is her father, and gets in a fight with Cole over him not telling her. Sylvia becomea the Silver Ninja, and Shana gets bitten by the Great Devourer and goes into a coma shortly after her uncke steals the golden weapons.

Season 3. Edit

Shana awakes after being saved from endless nightmares by Cole. She meets Aunt Misako, and finds her distrust of corrupted family members disturbing... And her cheating on Garmadon with Wu! Aunt Misako makes Shana feel like a monster, so she runs away with Elsa's eleven o'clock number on the mountains on the Island of the Overlord. She is retrieved by the ninja, and chooses to remain in her palace.

Shana is kidnapped by Garmadon, and it is revealed that Dark Matter has no effect on her. She uses her powers in the final battle to save Garmadon by reminding Lloyd of his love for his father.

Season 4. Edit

Shana runs away and becomes Susanna, and saves a village from resurrecting Anacondrai. She gets amnesia again, and drains the Fangblades of their golden power, and becomes the Golden Master, harnessing the prophecy for her own terms.

Powers Edit

Shana is extremely powerful.

- Love Shield

- Unscarred, painless healing

- Resisitance to Dark Materr, Serpentine venom, and the venom of the Great Devourer

- Amokinesis

- Imagineering

- Golden Power

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