A dark grey ninja overlooked Ignacia. The ninja was Shale. Shale looked at a shop called 4 Weapons. Neido jumped down. Shale and Neido reported to Sensei Wu. A week later, Sensei Wu went to 4 Weapons. Sensei Wu returned with the blacksmith, Kai. Shale and Neido watched this from the ceiling. Shale told the other three ninja to test Kai's skills. Neido said" Kai's skill will be tested. A boy named Brad Tudabone and his friend, Gene looked at Shale and Neido in excitement. Shale and Neido jumped down the slope.
-Brad Tudabone-

Brad Tudabone

When Kai was kicked out of the Monastery (literally), Shale and Neido watched. Sensei Wu woke up and looked at the two ninjas. He was proud at Shale and Neido.

When the Ninja left for missions, Shale and Neido were on excellent watch. Shale showed Neido a purple falcon. Neido took interest in it. Shale let the Falcon fly around Ninjago. The Falcon would visit on occasions.


The Falcon

Shale and Neido did their assigned missions. The two observed the Ninja and Sensei Wu. Shale and Neido also checked on Nya to see if she was safe. The Falcon did also the same when the two weren't available. Shale and Neido prepared the training equipment for the Ninja.

Shale and Neido were important to Sensei Wu. The Spinjitzu Monastery was burned. The two were assigned to check on Nya. Shale and Neido were sad that the Spinjitzu Monastery was gone.

When the 4 Weapons was empty, Shale and Neido would handled the shop. Nya stayed on the Destiny's Bounty. Neido and Shale informed Sensei Wu about Serpentine. Sensei Wu showed Neido and Shale to Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane. The Falcon returned and had a great bond with Zane.

Shale and Neido knew about the scrolls about the Green Ninja. Years ago, Neido and Shale were in Birchwood Forest an saw a workshop. It wasn't vivid. They remembered they saw the Falcon.

The two always thought that Lloyd Garmadon could possibly be the Green Ninja. Shale and Neido were correct. He became the Green Ninja. Later that day, they discovered a blueprint in the workshop. It resembled a vehicle. Shale and Neido showed it to Sensei Wu.

The Great Devourer was released and the blueprint was found by Kai. It was the Ultra Sonic Raider. Shale and Neido discovered that the Devourer was destroyed. Ninjago was peaceful. Brad and Gene came out of the arcade.

Neido Render


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