Shadow is an element in Ninjago. It's generally associated with the color black or very dark gray, corresponds with the Elemental Shadow Dragon, and had been passed on for generations, making Shade the current Shadow Master.

In the pilot episodes, Shadow was seen as a brief ability that Garmadon possessed since he was already a shadow himself as punishment for his banishment. However, in the fourth season, it's revealed to be an actual element with its own original user.

Users' Abilities Edit

  • Shadow Mimicry - The user can turn him or herself into a shadow.
  • Umbraportation - The user can transport themselves through shadows and go virtually anywhere.
  • Shadow Camouflage - The user is able to become undetectable as long they are in shadows or darkness.

Symbol Edit

The Shadow symbol is a vague face of a wolf. This is one of the few Elemental Symbols that does not directly relate to the element.

Notable Users Edit

  • First Elemental Master of Shadow
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Shadow
        • Shade

Amber Edit

  • Skylor

Staff of Elements Edit

  • Master Chen (formerly)
  • Kai (formerly)

Creatures Edit

  • Elemental Shadow Dragon

Trivia Edit

  • Although Garmadon had appeared to have been using shadow, he could've have been using a similar dark power that comes with Destruction.