Sensei Wu

Sensei Wu

This article is about a fan variation of a canonical character. For the canonical character, see Sensei Wu.

Sensei Wu is the trainer of many ninja, like Kai Masamoto, Jay Derulo, Cole Bronstone, Jack Brewer, Rick Brewer, Bobbi Wasabi, Max Brewer,  his nephew Lloyd Garmadon and the brotherof Lord Garmadon. he is the father of many sons and the father in law of many girls. he is a great and wise sensei as the son of Master Johnathan. He disgusised himself as the Dark Ancient.


Sensei Wu was born to master Johnathan with Garmadon, as Lefou was adopted by his in-laws, Wu was raised by their father and Garmadon joined as a friend as Johnathan revealed to Wu his friend was his own brother. Wu and Garmadon played and Garmadon lost a kitana and got possesed by the Great Devouer and became evil.

Garmadon married Misako, but got banished. Wu followed and saw the doom clan and decied to stop him.


  • He has the element of Creation.

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