Hello there, readerssss. I am Slithraa. As you may know, I wasss the Hypnobrai General. Before I ordered my tribe to torch the Monasssstery, Mezmo and Rattla took items, with my consssent. Mezmo found a wooden box of scrollssss. I took my Ssstaff, and held the box of scrollssss, as the Monastery wassss engulfed in flamesss.

Later, I wasss looking through the scrollsss, and found a interessting scroll. It issss Scroll 24.

A thirteen year old boy named Shale ''looked over Ignacia. Krazi, Bonezai, Frakjaw, Nuckal and Kruncha' were vandalizing the village.' ''Shale looked as a Ninja darted by. Nuckal said" Look, a ninja !' Frakjaw said" Where do you see a Ninja? The thought of seeing one is strange. A ninja just wouldn't appear out in the open!"

The ninja darted past the Skulkin. He did Imagination Spinjitzu, and instantly defeated them. The ninja noticed the thirteen year old boy, Shale was watching in awe. The ninja jumped behind Shale. Shale said" You have amazing skills! The ninja said" Thanks, I am Neido. Shale said" I'm Shale" Neido said" Nice to meet you, here is your ninja suit! Shale said" Thanks, I will train, Master Neido!"

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