Lord Garmadon is the supreme leader of the Underworld and the corrupted brother of Sensei Wu, son of the first Spinjitzu master, father of Lloyd, and husband of Misako. He is the main antagonist of Ninjago.


Garmadon and Sensei Wu were very great friends when they were young children. One day, while they were sparring, Wu's katana was accidentally knocked over the wall of the Monastery. Wu told Garmadon to retrieve it, and he did so, despite their father's warnings to stay in the Monastery. Garmadon eventually found the Katana under the bushes, but before he could pick it up, a strange, green snake bit him, causing him to pass out.

Because of the snake bite, Garmadon was very ill for quite some time. It turned out that he was bitten by the Great Devourer, which contained venom that filled Garmadon's mind with pure evil. As a result, Garmadon became very violent and selfish, blaming Wu for his alternative change. However, he managed to resist the corruption for many years, marrying Misako and fathering his son, Lloyd. Unfortunately, the Devourer's venom continued to corrupt him, and Garmadon became more and more distant from his family, but remained deeply fond of them and hoped that Lloyd wouldn't follow the path of evil, just like he's being pulled into.

After the First Spinjitzu Master passed away, both Sensei Wu and Garmadon vowed to protect the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu at all costs. Unfortunately, the Devourer's poison started to taking over Garmadon, and he tried to have the Golden Weapons for themselves. He and Wu have a very climatic battle, and at the end, Garmadon got struck by lightning and became banished to the Underworld. There, he meets Samukai, King of the Underworld and the Skulkin Fire General. Determined to escape his prison, Garmadon defeats Samukai in a duel, allowing him to control not only the Underworld, but the Skulkin Army as well.

Ninjago: Official Guide DescriptionEdit

Garmadon could have been an adventurer like me(Sensei Wu), a fighter for right, perhaps even a greater hero than I could ever hope to be. But he let greed and his lust for power set him against me. When our battle was done, he had been exiled from the plane of existence. But in all the many years since, he must have been plotting his revenge.

Cunning, crafty, and powerful, Garmadon always has schemes within schemes. Even his ally, Samukai, is never certain what he may be planning. One can only be sure that whatever his plot, it promises fear and destruction for all who live.


  • He is one of only characters in Ninjago that has four arms.


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