Saving rainbow heart





Original Airdate

October 10 2014

Song and Short

it time for Africa/Om nom day out

That's All Folk

porky pig


Stolen memories


five night at freddy's part 1

read to talk

Transcript part 2: 24

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Om nom has a nightmare about accidentally swallowing the rainbow heart necklace, being kidnapped by spiders.


The prologue start with Om nom has a dream where Finn and jake are going on fishing, when Om nom swallow the rainbow heart, he is now kidnapped by spiders who scaring finn and jake, kidnap Om nom into giant web, om nom awake in his dream.

The episodes start with Om nom wearing clown nurse costume, which her surprise to her,but he sees darlyn and lloyd crying,om nom bring finn and jake being act like a clown doctor om nom remove bunch of clown nurse costume.

Darlyn and lloyd are upset, because four ninja has gone to Mission for 2 days, they decide to throw them a welcome home party. During their party, finn,jake,Om nom,darlyn,lloyd and the nommies notice that kai is scratching and biting his skin. Kai explains that upon her return from a science convention in Ocean island, they unknowingly brings back a spider. He asks Them to open the briefcase and take out the spider collar. The spider jumps out of her fur and lands on Darlyn and lloyd. Darlyn and lloyd gets bitten and grabs the collar. The flea then lands on jay,zane and cole and bites them, causing they to take the collar. They fight over the collar, then Sensei wu grabs the collar and wraps it around all all of them. The spider then reproduces, causing the spoder collar to be eaten away, rending it useless. Spider take over Destiny's Bounty, and no one can escape the dome. Clown nurse blames Them for throwing the party and getting infected, then blames Them for bringing the spider. Darlyn states they may be living in a spider instead of salt water, thus giving kai an idea on how to get rid of the spider. Om nom was unique crashing into the cauldron with spider by infecting all their space in the dome with saltwater, but all the Ninjago city citizens are stuck in the Destiny's Bounty at the end.

In epilogue, om nom eating a popping candy,when she sneeze now, the episode end with om nom slap himself.


Om nom

Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Finn Mertens

Jake whiteson

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

spiders (debut)

Nommies (debut)

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