Biography Edit

sailor mercury was the second sailor soldier to be introduced.her name is Amy and she is smart and good at using technology.she always used to get called nerd or book worm because she studied to hard for tests at school.her element is mist and she is the sailor soldier and guardian of the planet mercury.she has 2 forms a super sailor form and a eternal sailor form.she attacks her enemys with mist so they cant see or water to vaporise them.

Gender: female

Age: 15

species: human

occupation: sailor soldier

Sailor Merkur 01

Sailor mercury

first appearance: act 2 sailor moon crystal

theme color: blue

Appearance Edit

sailor mercury has short blue hair with a blue sailor suit and long gloves with a blue tiara and long blue boots.

Attacks Edit

mercury aqua mist -creates a mist so the enemy cant see

mercury bubbles blast -shoots bubbles at the enemy

mercury aqua stream -a stream of water that smashes the enemy

mercury aqua rhapsody -a aquatic harp that shoots water balls at the enemy

mercury piercing blizzard -a snow storm that has sharp ice blades cut the enemy

mercury aqua mirage -a water tornado that drowns the enemy

Transformations Edit

mercury power make up

mercury star power make up

mercury crystal power make up

mercury eternal power

Items Edit

mercury wand

mercury star wand

mercury crystal wand

mercury eternal brooch

Ability Edit

her ability is that she can use her brain to do many smart things

also can make her knowledge into great power


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