Biography Edit

sailor Jupiter was the fourth sailor soldier to be introduced.her name is lita and she fights people when she is mad.her element is thunder and abit of plant.she has moved many school because of fighting.and fighting makes her a strong sailor soldier.she is the sailor soldier and guardian of the planet jupiter.she always has crushes on boys and then always dumps them for new boyfriends.

Gender: female

Age: 15

species: human

occupation: sailor soldier

first appearance: act 5 sailor moon crystal

theme color: green

Appearance Edit

sailor Jupiter has brown hair a pony tail with a green hair tie with gloves and a green sailor suit and has green boots.and a green tiara.

Sailor Jupter 01

Sailor jupiter

Attacks Edit

jupiter thunder crash -throws thunder at the enemy

Jupiter supreme thunder -thunder zaps the enemy and paralyses the enemy

Jupiter thunder cloud zap -a thunder bolt is thrown at the enemy

Jupiter floral hurricane -a storm of flower petals smash the enemy

Jupiter oak evolution -a twister of leaves smash the enemy

Jupiter coconut cyclone -spheres of thunder are exploded on the enemy

Transformations Edit

jupiter power make up

jupiter star power make up

jupiter crystal power make up

jupiter eternal power make up

Items Edit

jupiter wand

jupiter star wand

jupiter crystal wand

jupiter eternal brooch

Ability Edit

her ability is to bash up people with incredible strengh

and eletrocute her enemys with powerful thunder

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