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Sailor Mars is the third Sailor Senshi. She says "mars power" to transform in the first series and the second series. She then says "mars star power", then "mars crystal power". She can be bad tempered when Usagi is around to annoy her, but she is a strong Sailor Senshi. When she fights monsters with sailor moon she will transform to sailor mars when she not fighting monsters she will  hangout with her friends or she will feed the crows clean the tempel or shop. before she came to earth (reborn) she was the princess of mars and the pretector of the Silver Millennium with the other sailor senshi sailor jupiter,sailor mucury and sailor venus the invation of queen berl  the queen of the negerveise invaded the moon of the Silver Millennium sailor mars,sailor mucury,sailor jupiter and sailor venus  did what they could but then they saw queen srienty trying to save her prince and the princess died sailor mars and the other sailors payed with their lives queen serenity was heart borken of her duaghter queen sirenity. queen sirenity  had no choice to use the  Silver Crystal to banish queen baryl

she let the silver crystal go the sailor sneshi and the moon princess and her prince reborn on earth and told luna and artermis (the talking cats) to one day find them one day. whant to know more about he sailor senshi

whach sailor moon on youtube or viset sailor moon wikia you can ask my friend on sailor moon wikia he knows more then me his name is awesome45673

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