Rise of the snakes





Original Airdate

july 6 2014

Song and Short

we are ninja song/Eren titan

That's All Folk

porky pig


Once pink ninja younger sister birthday


sleepy time

read to talk

Transcript 9

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The teammate crew has a problem people in danger when emmet find them.


prologue start with emmet fix his car, when he use a tool to fix and drive as he forgot a gas.

Episode with emmet put the gas on his car. When he pours gas on it, he saw a warning sighs "don't open when there a snakes!" As emmet open it, revealing Serpentine on big box, as emmet take his revenge for hurt him.

Meanwhile Sensei Wu implores the Ninja to start training again to prepare for save the day, but ever since rainbow heart queen has coming from, they have done nothing but play video games and waste time. Sensei Wu lectures the six on "not putting off until tomorrow what can be done today," saying that the four have not yet reached their full potential. The Ninja laugh, saying that they'll be ready when Save the town.

Their meeting is interrupted by Angela,Nya,Kalen,Kira,window and dianne bringing word that Emmet in danger was spotted in Jamanakai Village, sending the Monastery to a state of panic. The Ninja then travel to Jamanakai village to stop Unknown person, only to find the sighting to be emmet who has revenge now.

Emmet tries to terrorize the village and rob them of their money, threatening to release the Serpentine on village attack and chase them away.

At the safety room they appeared at midnight emmet take over everything. The Ninjago people agree with this too and complain how they rule of their belongings. They all try to plan a way to defeat emmet and the serpentine.

Oggy cat soon suggests moving the town to another location. But all the people disagree with this and Wu and Garmadon suggests that there has to be someone tough enough who can take on the serpentine. Mystery person scrapes the window and looks like he's just the man to fight it, but is revealed to be a clown who actually needed to go to the restroom. Bad/good cops decides to fight the snakes, as revenge for stealing his badge. They tries to persuade him not to go near it, but she keeps on going at their every attempt because she says that he is strong.

Emmet attack with his serpentine snakes and kidnap Angela as he get his badge back and fight, but kai can't not transform to hulk as kai will kill to turn as hulk and battle to emmet, but emmet end up inject Kai with sleeping pill as Angela screams in horror.

Emmet twin sister emily breaks into the safely room, for she is enraged when she told her mother do the pranks, because emmet wanted to open the box as she kick emmet as punishment for taken over rainbow heart world from younger brother for his behavior, when darlyn told the truth don't pranks as a sins

Angela will kiss Kai to bring back to life while Darlyn and dianne fight each other as Kai and Angela hug share kiss The episode ends with emmet cries in pain say "curse you, my twin sister"

In Epilogue Kai flirting with Angela, when Darlyn call for him as the the episode ends with Darlyn and the teammate crews admiring the new doormat, emmet.


Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

Lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

dianne Katherine p. de guzman

fionna Mertens

cake whiteson

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window Sarah wu

emma wu

Misako garmadon

Good/bad cops

Ninjago citizen people

Other serpentine (debut)

Emily Brickowski (debut)

Emmet Brickowski

Lucy Brickowski

Red raincoat clown (debut)

Andy Brickowski (debut: mentioned)

Mrs. Brickowski (debut: mentioned)

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