Deep in the ground - the Viperondrai tomb Edit

Venoku: Massster, i'm bored.

Vipor V. Swipesworth: What do you want me to do about it?

Venoku: Can we do sssomething cool for once instead of sssitting around and doing nothing?

Vipor V. Swipesworth: I suppose we can go and.. swipe some stuff.

Vipario: Massster, you sure about that?

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Shut up, Vipario. I'm the general and what I say goes to all of you.

Vipario: Whatever makes you happy, massster.

Vipera: Massster, there's one problem: We can't esscape this wretched tomb.

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Oh, right. I forgot about that.

Venoku: Aw come on! there's got to be sssomething we can do to essscape!

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Maybe if you were a Constrictai you would escape no problem.

Vipario: Uh... you guysss, there's actually a red escape button that none of usss saw before.

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Well press it you fool! we must escape this rocky prison!

[Vipario presses the red button]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: We're FREE!

[Everyone in the Viperondrai tribe cheering]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Come on, my minions, it is time we finally spread BAD in Ninjago after so long!

[Viperondrai Members get out of the tomb, and head for Ninjago]

Conflict in Ninjago Edit

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Alright, we have arrived at Ninjago!

Random Citizen of Ninjago: SERPENTINE!!!

[Everyone starts running away]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Yes! YES! run away you cowards! now that me and my men are free, NOTHING can stop us!

[Vipor V. Swipesworth lets out manicial laughter]

[The Ninja hear about the situation on the news]

Man on the News: Ninjago is currently being invaded by... what appearing to be Viperondrai serpentine.

Kai: Viperondrai? I've never heard of a tribe like that before...

Jay: Yeah, Sensei, what are these so called "Viperondrai"?

Sensei Wu: They are one of the many serpentine tribes, unlike most of the tribes that turned good, these snakes remain evil.

Cole: What are we waiting for? Ninjago needs our help!

[The Ninja head for Ninjago]

Lloyd: Alright guys, we need to stick together and look for the Viperondrai.

[The Ninja walk around Ninjago city in search on the Viperondrai]

Zane: I sense something nearby.

Jay: What are you waiting for? Spit it out!

Zane: I sense that the Viperondrai are in that bank over there.

Lloyd: Alright guys, lets go!

[The Ninja enter the bank]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Take it all, boys!

Kai: Stop right there!

[Vipor V. Swipesworth notices the Ninja]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Ninja!? stop them!

[The Viperondrai surround the ninja]

Ninja (in unison): Ninjago!

[The Ninja do spinjitzu, defeating the Viperondrai snakes]

Vipor V. Swipesworth: Agh! use your abilities!

[One of the Viperondrai snakes bite Kai]

Kai: Ah..!

[The Ninja get distracted by Kai's bite]

[Vipor V. Swipesworth escapes with the other snakes]

Cole: Oh! they got away.

Lloyd: We'll worry about that later, right now we have to get Kai some help.

[The Ninja return to the Temple of Airjitzu]

Sensei Wu: What happened?

Jay: Kai got bit by one of those "Viperondrai" snakes.

Sensei Wu: Kai, let me see it.

[Kai shows the bite]

Sensei Wu: Oh no! we must get the antivenom at once or else Kai might turn into one of them!

Cole: But where is it?

Sensei Wu: It's in the Viperondrai Staff.

Cole: But the General and the Viperondrai got away with the staff, how are we supposed to get the staff?

Sensei Wu: Find the Viperondrai and the General and get that staff, we only have a while before Kai turns into a full Viperondrai snake.

[Kai starts to sport black spots all over himself]

[The Ninja get out of the temple in search for the Viperondrai serpentine]

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