The Legendary Hydra


A story created by The Golden Ninja

Rise of the Legendary Hydra Part 1

Chapter 1

The Ninjas woke up like a normal day…… When suddenly an asteroid hit Ninjago city.The Ninja quickly went to see what was happening. The Ninja got into their vehicles and went to check the situation. When they got there they saw an asteroid and Lloyd asked “Whats that?”

“An asteroid” answered Zane.

Suddenly the asteroid made a huge explosion and the Ninja all went flying back and they got separated far from each other. When the Ninja all woke up the Ninja got on to their vehicles back to the ship. Along the way Jay asked “What do you think that was supposed to be?”

“I don’t know” answered Kai.

Suddenly a huge strong wind blew on them and it sent them flying off their vehicles. The Ninja crashed into the hard and rocky ground, the rocks leaving small cuts on their bodies.

“What the heck?” Kai said.

“Let’s just carry on” said Cole.

“Good idea” answered Lloyd.

The Ninja got on to their vehicles and started driving towards the ship again. After quite a while they got to the ship and they saw Sensei Wu and Nya trying to find out what’s happening. After searching for some time about what’s happening Nya says “There is a Unknown monster in the town and is trying to destroy every person in town”

“What type of monster?” asked Jay.

“We can’t find out” said Sensei.

“The monster is a Hydra!” said Nya.

“What’s a Hydra?” asked Lloyd.

“A nine headed monster” replied Sensei Wu.

“Shouldn’t we be going already?” said Zane.

“Good point let me think about that….” Said Sensei Wu

“OK then whatever we’ll go first” said Kai.

“Wait take this so we can contact you if there is any trouble” said Nya as she threw a walkie talkie to Jay.

Jay caught it and the Ninja got into their vehicles and went looking for the Hydra.

Chapter 2

When the Ninja finally saw the Hydra they all said “whoa……. Are you kidding me?”

At that point the Hydra didn’t see the Ninja yet, so the Ninja climbed up a tall building near the Hydra and one by one they jumped down trying to hit the Hydra. All of the Ninja failed trying to do that but the Hydra still didn’t see them. Then Sensei Wu arrived and he played the flute that got the Hydra totally annoyed and he disappeared.

“WOW….. That was so easy!” said Cole.

“Sure about that?” asked Jay.

“Not too sure” said Zane.

“The Hydra will be back……” said Sensei Wu.

'Next Story: 'Rise of the Legendary Hydra Part 2

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