Narrator: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Rainbow, there were two royal children who ruled together and created rainbows for all the world. To do this, the elder used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn, and the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. But as time went on, the younger child became resentful. The children relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. One fateful day, the younger child refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder child tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the younger had transformed her into an evil body of darkness.

(Lightning cracks as they go to their house.)

Narrator: She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder child harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Rainbow. Using the magic of the Elements of Rainbow, she trapped her in the digibox and banished her permanently in the moon.

Finn: So, what happens at the end of the story?

Starfire: They die because of the dark crystal.

Finn: (gasps) What?!?!

(The theme song plays.

Rainbow Heart Voice: Welcome to Rainbow Heart Train World. You can now go on your quest. Good luck.

Jake: Finn, I wish I could enter the live action portal while you keep the locket.

(Three bad boys stand in the portal. They cry and walk away.)

Digibox Keeper: Get out, and stay out, kid! You're not allowed to enter the live action portal! It's very dangerous!

(Finn becomes angry as a devil horn appears on the Digibox Keeper's forehead. Cut to a scene where Starfire is in a train car. She sighs.)

Blood Princess: Hey, I brought a book with magic in it. (She gives her a book called Legend of Rainbow Hearts.) Too bad I'm gonna get fired.

(She walks away while Starfire throws it into the portal. Cut to a scene in Darlyn's house where Darlyn is sleeping. She wakes up, yawning.)

Darlyn: Good morning, Pinky.

(Pinky chips.)

Darlyn: Well, I'm gonna go read something. (She gasps as she sees a book with a watch.) What is this? (She sees that it's the Legend of Rainbow Hearts book. She opens it and reads it.) Hey, it's not bad! i think my mom brought a gift

(Darlyn grabs a token. Cut to a scene in a living room. Darlyn places the token on the digibox while the token vibrates.)

Darlyn: Hmm. There must be something missing. (She gasps as she sees a watch with a tag that says, "I am Emma Stronger.") I am Emma Stronger. (She puts on the watch.)

Digibox Watch: Hello, unnamed child. What's your name?

Darlyn: I am Emma stronger.

(Darlyn disappears because of the magical spell. While she transforms, she enters the channel portal, and her watch disappears. She starts to panic and yell. Cut to a scene where Finn, Jake, and their gang are standing by the digibox keeper, warned about a giant bed being too big.)

Digibox Keeper: For the last time, we will not to bring the giant bed!!

Finn: What?! I need to work here!!

(Darlyn falls onto the giant bed.)

Darlyn: Hey, I'm alive! I'll just- ouch.

(Robin hits her with a hammer, and she falls asleep. Cut to the batcave scene, where Darlyn wakes up.)

Darlyn: Ugh, my head hurts! Hey, who are you?

Robin: My name's Robin. And these are my friends.

Finn: Finn and jake.

Darlyn: You are Finn and jake.

Finn: yes, I'am Finn mertins, who are you?

Darlyn: Darlyn Mae p. De guzman.

Robin: Okay, I need to defeat the demon queen, and you need to team up with us.

Darlyn: What?!

Robin: To the secret mission lab!

(They move over to two levers.)

Robin: Pull the lever, Cyborg! (Cyborg accidentally pulls a lever, opening a trap door under Robin, who falls through.) WRONG LEVER!!! (He falls into the water.)

Cyborg: Uh-

Robin: (comes out all wet and with a crocodile biting his cape) Why do we even have that lever?! (He slaps the crocodile, which lets go of Robin's cape and runs away, yipping.) Get out of my way!

(Robin pulls the other lever, and he and his friend land in what looks like an amusement park ride.)

Voice: Please remain seated, and keep your arms and legs in at all times.

(The ride speeds up, going through tunnels.)

Beast Boy: Whoo! Faster, faster! Put your hands in the air! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!

(Robin and his friends arrive in the lab, wearing hero suits and carrying weapons. They high-five each other and run to get to work.)

Robin: Okay, here's the plan. My friends and I will dress up as the demon queen's henchmen. We'll bring a shrink ray and turn here into a little flea. Then I'll grab the animal ray and the crystal ray, and then I'll mail that box to slade. And when it arrives, we'll smash it with a hammer! It's a great plan, I tell you! Genius, I say! (He knocks over poisonous water onto a plant, and the plants turn into crystals, shrivel up, then drop quicky, dead.) save the rainbow heart queen, I'll just defeat her with this! (He picks up the poisonous water and hands it to Darlyn) Take it, kid! (laughs happily) Feel the power!

Darlyn: (only feeling the crystal) Oh. I can feel it.

Finn: Our moment of triumph approches. (laughs) It's defeat time!

(Fireworks flash, and the scene ends. Party in the USA plays. Cut to a scene where Robin rides in his car. His friend are watching a movie, and Finn, Jake, and Darlyn are sleeping. She finally wakes up.)

Darlyn: Are we there yet?

Starfire: Nope.

Darlyn: How about now?

Robin: Nope.

(Finn and Jake wake up.)

Finn: Are we there yet?

Raven: We're here, guys.

Robin: (gasps) THEY'RE HERE! Welcome, brethren!

(Darlyn, Finn, Jake, and the Teen Titans run to the door and open it with a big grin, which darlyn quickly fades into a look of confusion. She sees a huge group of teenagers, Teen Titans, and Hive Five members playing music. One of them begins to speak.)

Jinx: (hick draws) Hey, look everybody! It's Commander Robin!


Darlyn: I've been away from home longer than I thought...

(Bumblebee runs up and shakes Darlyn's hand.)

Bumblebee: (hick draws) Well, howdy kid!

(Darlyn stares at her hand, which is dripping with honey.)

Darlyn: Uh...

Bumblebee: I'm Bumblebee. Of course you remember Speedy, Aqualad, Jinx, Kitten Fang, Blackfire... (one hour later) Kid Flash, and my friend-

(Bumblebee continues introducing the rests of her friends. Darlyn crawls on the ground.)

Darlyn: ALL RIGHT! I GET IT! I mean, uh, I need to come inside. Make myself at home.

(The scene cuts to the gang inside the school, standing in front of Brother Blood.)

Starfire: Darlyn, I'd like you to meet my teacher, Brother Blood.

Finn: (whistles from the back of the group) She sure is purdy, sir. You can call her D.M.

Brother Blood: D.M.?

Darlyn: (annoyed) Yes, that's my nickname.

(Brother Blood cracks up. Darlyn grows an angry face.)

Brother Blood: D.M.? (laughs)

Darlyn: (still with an annoyed face) Will you please-

Brother Blood: (still laughing) Sorry!

Darlyn: All right, as I was saying- (Brother Blood starts laughing again.) Okay, we all know D.M.'s a funny name...

Brother Blood: (laughs) Okay, okay. I'm done. No more.

Darlyn: Good. Ahem, to continue.

(She turns away from Brother Blood. She doesn't see the screen that he brings down behind her. The word "D.M." appears on the screen.)

Darlyn: Only you can bring honor-

(The students laugh. Darlyn turns around to look at the screen. It's blank.)

Darlyn: ...and dignity-

(The word "D.M." with a finger pointing at Darlyn appears. The group laughs, and Darlyn turns to look at the screen, which is now blank.)

Darlyn: ...back to the Darlyn name-

(As soon as Darlyn speaks, another "D.M." sign appears with an arrow pointing at Darlyn. She turns around to look at the screen, trembling with fury. As she starts to speak, another "D.M." sign appears.)

Darlyn: For years, it has been my goal to defeat the demon queen for- (Darlyn turns around and points at the sign.) A-HA! (She runs to the outlet and unplugs it.) OKAY, THAT'S ENOUGH!

(Brother Blood says "D.M.!" one last time before losing power. Darlyn runs in front of Brother Blood's screen.)

Darlyn: The bottom line is we invade the demon kingdom so I can defeat the demon queen. What do you think?

Jinx: But what's in it for us?

(The students roar in agreement.)

Darlyn: Well, what do you want?

Speedy: Gawrsh. Can I get a new string for my bow? (holds up a bow with one tiny bomb on the arrow)

Aqualad: And another fish to defeat her? (holds up his hand with his pet fish on it)

Finn: (holds up his laptop) And some more memory for myself!

Bumblebee: And what about the parties?

All: PARTIES?!?!?

Darlyn: Help me defeat her, and you can have as many parties as you can have a barge! (The group cheers.) I'm a hero, and my name is Darlyn!

(Darlyn turns to face the cheering crowd. On her back is a note taped on it with the word "D.M.". The scene ends. "Let's Play Hide and Seed" begins playing. Cut to a scene where the heroes and villains are at battle, searching for and killing the demonic alien worms.)

Bumblebee: What's the plan?

Darlyn: We simply fight the demonic alien worms.

Finn: Ready, set, attack!

(The Hive Five and Teen Titans attack the demonic alien worms, who attack back. One of them kidnaps Starfire, who's yelling for help.)

Starfire: Help Robin!! Save me!! Help!!

Robin: No!!!!

(Heavy metal music plays. A bell rings. Demonic alien worm #6 tears off his body skin, showing off his extremely large, muscular body. Cyborg rips off his own clothes, revealing nude skin. He tears off his skin, also revealing an extremely large, metal, muscular body. The two dive at each other, screaming, until they collide. They wrestle and continue to wind up in twisted positions. They spin around and wind up wrestling with themselves. They realize this and dive back at each other. The demonic alien worm sits on top of Cyborg, holding his foot.

Demonic Alien Worm #6: Forget the meal. This is meal.

(The demonic alien worm takes off Cyborg's shoe and licks his foot slowly. Cyborg screams in agony. The two wrestle again. Cyborg sits on the demonic alien worm's forehead and lifts up his arm with the knife side pointing toward him. He slowly brings it down to his forehead skin and peals it, leaving blood pouring down his forehead.)

Demonic Alien Worm #6: (screams) My skin's...not...healing!!!

(Cyborg tackles and attacka the demonic alien worm to death. Cut to a scene where Finn is battling the demonic alien worm. He hears Starfire screaming and turns to see some demonic alien worms attacking her. Finn kills them and saves her while Darlyn kills more of them, yelling.)

Darlyn: Take that! And that! (She continously swings her sword.)

Finn: Darlyn, don't do that! It's dangerous!!

Darlyn: What? I'm just using a sword and a giant bomb!

(Finn gasps as he sees Darlyn holding up a bomb.)

Finn: Raven, do something!!

(Raven grabs Darlyn with her powers, places her in a cave, removes the bomb from Darlyn, and throws it off as it explodes.)

To Be Continued...

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