Kai accidentally found a clumsy cursed bracelet, so he will remove for once. When the witch accidentally left her braceslet during her massage.


The prologue begin, kai is massage for while, but he found the bracelet and he walk away as the witch appeared as she tries to save him by destroying a clumsy cursed bracelet.

The moive begin, kai is put bracelet on angela, while he walk home. Witch sneak rescue kai and angela. That day kai is work for 1 weeks. Witch free where shark man

Manolo is sleeping. His father gives Manolo a garbage bag filled with bloody corpses sharks with toxic and tells him to take this bag out to the dumpster. On the way out, Manolo trips on Kai's leg. He and all of the shark blood were flying. As Manolo was going to get out of the shark, he saw the red full moon. Because he was on the weresharkman, he turned into Weresharkman for the rest of the short. Seeing that he turned evil, he howling until he sees Joaquìn coming out of the House.

Joaquin complains that he told himself to throw away the bloody corpses sharks and that he has to do it himself. He takes Manolo, and carries him into the dumpster, thinking that he is a sharks. He groans about His rival throwing him out,he goes out of dumpster and walk to Jones's department. Jones fighting amy and listens to the radio until a breaking news story is announced, that an escaped laboratory weresharkman, that has consumed enough explosives that can blow up an entire city is on the loose. The antidote would cause the sharkman to explode, causing Amy to panic and jones to fooling her.

While listening to this, Manolo knows that Amy will mistake him for the Weresharkman by jones's plans to scare amy away. Amy slams the open window shut and relaxes herself by eating some nuts. As she breaks open the nuts with a hammer, Jones uses this opportunity as weresharkman and stands on the table. Amy grabs the shark, thinking he is a nut, but stops the hammer when she feels Manolo, and looks to see the weresharkman and her hammer droops down.

Jones jumps away and dashes to the phone to call the animals expect. Jones whistles at her and tries force manolo to fall off the table, and Amy immediately sets a pillow for Manolo to fall on. Amy tries make a call again, but Manolo draws attention to himself trying to drop the lid of the piano onto himself, and Jones has to substitute his head. Amy sneaks away and tries to make a call a third time, but sees Manolo jumping off a building. Fan blows Manolo to safety. Manolo accidentally drops an iron towards the david. Fan blows it lungs out before getting it in jones.

Jones change his mind begins a chase, which ends quickly when Manolo threatens to hit himself with a hammer. Amy begs him not to do it as Kai arrives, and Manolo takes this chance to whack kai on the head. Amy stopped by him renewing her "suicidal" threat allows Manolo to hit him on the head several times. Satisfied, Manolo filches a few cookies, which gives kai the chance to swipe the hammer.

In response, Manolo bounces himself on the counter making kai to flinch. Manolo continues bouncing across the counter, but does not see the sink full of water. He jumps out and doesn't realize the shark blood has washed off, nude and naked. Kai grins and allows Manolo to bounce and hit himself with the hammer. Not knowing he's been exposed, Manolo hits himself even harder and ends up bruising himself. Kai then takes the hammer and pounds into the counter like a nail. He then grabs Manolo by the arm and takes him to the mirror to show him devoid of the blood shark. Manolo is then thrown out of the house by Kai.

The 'true' weresharkman appears as Kai kicks Manolo out then drive away and jones and amy runs into the house. Jones goes back to fight amy and he hears the weresharkman eating some nuts. Thinking that Manolois trying to tell them again, jones tries to attack it with his hammer and catches it, then tries to wash the "blood" off in the pool but it doesn't work. Amy tries using a washboard only to hear a whistle, Manolo reveals himself grinning from an open window with his friends. Jones notices that he is holding the weresharkman and she ages about 100 years through sheer terror and jones drones about 100 sickness through sheer shock. Jones then fumbles to call the animal expect, but the radio announcer comes back on the air with news that the shark man will not explode.

Amy is instantly rejuvenated then faint, while jones is instantly recovered then furious and takes the weresharkman to kick him out of the window, then The teammates crew run out of the department and is not seen in the cartoon again. The moment Jones's foot makes contact, a massive explosion reduces the entire department to rubble and killing them all, leaving only the radio speaker intact. The radio announcer states: "We repeat, the weresharkman will not explode". Injured shirtless jones emerges half-dead and drones, "Don't you believe it!" and the cartoon closes.

Kai is survived and give her a bracelet In epilgue, Witch is destroying a bracelet for good while she flies away.

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